What to look for in a portable projector

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There’south naught quite like the large screen for watching TVs and movies, just that feel doesn’t have to exist confined to a domicile movie theatre room.

With a portable projector, you lot can take your big screen with you lot everywhere, from hotel rooms to camping. Or, you can just motility your screen around your house every bit y’all encounter fit.

The experience can be great but only if you choose the correct blazon of projector for your needs. Ultimately, choosing a portable projector is nigh compromise – information technology’s making the right ones that’s the trick. Here, we’ll go through the options to help you find the right projector for you.

Size and weight

Size and weight are 2 of the most important factors when choosing a portable projector. At that place can be big differences, too. With the XGIMI Mogo Pro+, the unit measures 146 x 106 x 94mm and weighs 0.9kg; the XGIMI Halo+ measures 172 10 114 x 145mm and weighs a heftier one.6kg.

This comparison shows that the Mogo Pro+ is lighter and smaller, so easier to comport around. It may make more sense if your plan is to travel a lot with a projector. The larger Halo+, on the other mitt, makes more sense if you’re largely going by car or desire a projector that you tin use around the home.

As the lens on a portable projector is sensitive, look for a carry case or pouch for protection.


A lot of the early portable projectors had a low resolution, sometimes even less than standard 720p HD. Today, there’due south very picayune reason to opt for anything other than Full HD (1920 ten 1080).

With a total HD resolution, you lot’ll observe that there’s plenty of detail in what you lot picket, even when watching on the largest screen possible.


A projector’south effulgence defines where and when you can use it. Just put, the brighter the projector, the brighter the room you lot tin use it in, and the larger the epitome you can get.

For example, the Mogo Pro+ has a brightness of 300 Lumens, compared to the 900 Lumens of the Halo+. With its higher brightness, the Halo+ works well in a room with the curtains closed, whereas you lot’ll need a darker surface area for the Mogo Pro+ to work.

More effulgence on the Halo+ also means that you lot can take information technology outside during the warmer weather condition and watch from around dusk. As y’all can see, there’southward a merchandise-off between size and brightness, and then you need to balance which factor is most important to you.

Battery life

Portable projectors typically have batteries in them, so they can run when you’re not near a power socket. Ignore the stated chapters of a battery, as that doesn’t tell yous much: a smaller battery in a lower-brightness projector may last longer than a bigger battery in a brilliant projector.

Instead, look at the quoted runtime. Typically, portable projectors will final somewhere between ii and 4 hours on a single charge. That means a regular film (not an epic) or a few episodes of a TV show.

When using your projector on battery power, make certain that you lot cull your content carefully. And, regardless of the battery life, you will need to have an net connection or offline content in society to picket annihilation.

If you won’t use your projector on bombardment power, you can look at smaller projectors. For example, the XGIMI Elfin is similar in specs to the Halo+, simply ditches the battery to get its weight downward to just 900g.

XGIMI Elfin speakers

Sound quality

Born speakers mean that you don’t have to conduct additional speakers effectually with you, but not all portable projectors are built equally. With its dual 5W speakers, our review institute that the Halo+ was loud and clear enough to use, even outside.

XGIMI Halo+ side view

With 3W speakers, the Mogo Pro+ will exist a lilliputian quieter, then may not work so well with more ambient noise in the groundwork.

Await for a model that has Bluetooth built-in, and y’all can hook up an external Bluetooth speaker instead.

Setup features

All projectors need to be configured properly to get the all-time picture. The two main settings that take to exist adapted are focus and keystone. The focus needs adjusting based on how far from the screen the projector is.

Keystone correction is in that location to right problems with the projector image shape. If a projector is not straight-on to the display surface (angled up or down), and so the image will have a trapezium shape, smaller at the peak than the bottom. Keystone correction adjusts for this event, although information technology’due south a digital correction, and so y’all lose some item in the picture; it’s worth getting the projector as square-on every bit you can.

Projectors with auto keystone and autofocus (the Halo+ and Mogo Pro+) will adjust these settings for you on the fly: plonk the projectors down and they set themselves upward.

They too take intelligent obstacle avoidance, giving you a picture as large every bit possible while avoiding things placed in front of the projector.

XGIMI object avoidance

And, both projectors can sense the sides of a projector screen and make the prototype fit automatically.

XGIMI automatic screen size

The Halo and Mogo Pro both accept autofocus, but you’ll demand to adjust the keystone manually. Every bit easy every bit XGIMI makes keystone correction, it’south non quite as quick to get a projector up and running.

XGIMI Aura keystone

It’due south worth looking for a model that has a standard tripod mountain underneath, as this makes it like shooting fish in a barrel to position the projector apartment and square on to the screen.

XGIMI Halo bottom

Apps and interface

Many portable projectors run a version of Android or Android TV. That means that yous tin can have apps without having to plow to an external streaming stick.

See what support is available, as Netflix ofttimes doesn’t work natively, every bit this app has to be canonical to run by the company. Where Netflix doesn’t work, such as on XGIMI projectors, a streaming stick is a good idea, powered by the USB port on the rear.

XGIMI Halo Fire TV Stick

Some portable projectors utilise the mobile Android versions of apps, which means y’all can download content to watch; if your projector doesn’t offer this feature, you’ll need to have an cyberspace connection to stream content or provide it on a USB drive to lookout offline.

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