When Did Minecraft 1.2 Come Out


Minecraft spans millions of blocks with different biomes, items, and mobs to discover. When thinking of how much is in Minecraft, it’southward a wonder how Minecraft kickoff started. The story of Minecraft spans over ten years with many changes and improvements happening at every plow. From the very start with the inception of Minecraft to the latest announcements for Minecraft 1.xx, many have watched Minecraft grow into what it is today.

Are you 1 of those Minecraft players, enjoying the game later years of playing? Whether you’re an older player who has grown up alongside Minecraft or a new actor to Minecraft enjoying the blocky worlds for the first fourth dimension, it truly is a fun game that’s been around a long time. Minecraft has been around for so long and it’s interesting to await back on its journeying. Join u.s.a. as we open the book on Minecraft and detect when did Minecraft come up out and what it took to get the game and Minecraft servers to where they are now!



Before the question of when did Minecraft come out, it’s important to know how the story began. Minecraft was adult by Markus “Notch” Persson, a game developer with King Digital Amusement. Prior to the creation of Minecraft, near times Notch would work on browser games, where he ended upwardly learning many unlike programming languages. Notch would develop prototypes of games at home in his free time where he also would accept function in forums such every bit TIGSource for independent developers. Around March 2009, Notch would leave King to bring together as a developer at jAlbum but continued to work on new prototypes.

A project that Notch worked on was a base of operations-building game inspired by Dwarf Fortress chosen “RubyDung”. This project led to many ideas that likely influenced parts of Minecraft today including an attempt at first-person. In the end, this feature in RubyDung was scrapped due to poor graphics.

After in April 2009, a new block-based open-concluded mining game was released chosen Infiniminer. This game included blocky gameplay in offset-person with cake-building. These features would become on to heavily influence what management Notch would take for “RubyDung”. Thereafter, Notch would get on to brainstorm the development of an exciting new block-based building game chosen “Minecraft”.


Minecraft was first developed in May of 2009 past Notch. A exam video released by Notch displayed an early on version of Minecraft called “Cave game tech test”. This was the starting time known version of Minecraft to exist recorded, just it was never released to the public.

Then during a weekend, Notch completed the base program of Minecraft and performed a individual test on TigIRC on May 16th, 2009. The testing was a success and on May 17th, the very next day, Minecraft was released to the public. Afterwards releasing the game, Notch would keep a close eye on feedback on the forums, performing updates to the game in a version that would afterwards become known every bit the “Classic” version. Farther development would go along with Minecraft towards a full release, with many updates and dissimilar versions before the total release.


Alpha was the very start major update to Minecraft, occurring on June 30th, 2010. In the words of Notch, “I fixed a few bugs in /game/, and the game is now playable offline.” Along with being playable offline, Alpha included changes to sand and gravel generation and fix the Y-axis to 64 for Minecraft worlds. These updates would atomic number 82 to Notch deciding to gear up up a video game company called Mojang, aslope Jakob Porser, a co-worker from King, and Carl Manneh, the CEO of jAlbum. Work would keep on Alpha versions until version one.2.6 when the game finally shifted to Beta.

Minecraft Classic Version

Near six months afterward December 20th, 2010, Beta ane.0 was released for Coffee Edition. This update added a whole host of new features to Minecraft including:

  • working server-side inventory
  • tooltips in inventory
  • support for capes
  • splash effects
  • throwable eggs
  • many other changes and fixes

Minecraft was taking shape and continued with regular Beta updates until version i.viii.1 on September 15th, 2011. This was the concluding update for Coffee Edition Beta before Minecraft would go to develop and release the full version of Minecraft Java Edition.


With Minecraft in full swing with plenty of updates and additions, it was leap to exist headed for a total release. On December 18th, 2010 Minecraft did just that, moving to full-release version one.0. Almost 2 weeks subsequently on December 1st, Jens “Jeb” Bergensten would accept over control of Minecraft, replacing Notch as the lead designer. Several months after that, Mojang would continue to brand strides to improve its game and one of those involves hiring more than developers!


On February 28th, 2012, Mojang announced that they had begun hiring developers of the popular Bukkit developer API for Minecraft. This hiring was led by a goal to improve Minecraft’southward support for server modifications. That evolution led to Mojang taking full ownership of the CraftBukkit server mod which allowed for Bukkit and Minecraft plugins. To this day, players all the same enjoy Minecraft plugins on servers!


Minecraft was booming and on September 15th, 2014, Microsoft announced their $two.5 billion bargain to buy Mojang along with the ownership of Minecraft. Prior to that, Notch posted a tweet asking Microsoft to purchase his share of the game after receiving criticism due to the Minecraft EULA’s enforcement, rules that had been in the EULA for 3 years prior. Shortly after the tweet, Microsoft would discuss a deal with Notch for the purchase. The deal was finalized with Microsoft on November 6th, 2014, and has since led to many corking developments between Mojang Studios and Microsoft!


Throughout the ten+ years that Minecraft has been in the easily of gamers around the world, Minecraft has seen endless evolution. Early players of Minecraft may think versions like Infdev and Archetype, single-player-but versions of Minecraft. With every year that came with Minecraft, new versions would come up to be released including Beta, Alpha, and Release versions. And with Minecraft’south release, for many years to come up versions would release from 1.0 all the mode to the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update coming in 2023! You tin can learn more near Minecraft 1.20 here and how to effort the update on your server.

Minecraft version 1.19 screenshot - comparing old Minecraft to new versions

From smaller updates like Minecraft 1.2.1 introducing the well-known Jungle biome to major updates like Minecraft ane.v adding in an assortment of useful redstone devices, each update has brought more fun to Minecraft. Nosotros’re excited to see what comes side by side for Minecraft! The possibilities are countless with more to still exist announced for 1.20. Non to mention the possibilities for Minecraft 1.21, Minecraft 1.22, and other future releases! What features, mobs, items, and blocks are y’all hoping will come to the game and Minecraft game servers in the future?



  • August 2011
    | Minecraft: Pocket Edition would release for Xperia Play on the Andriod Market equally an early on alpha version. Two months afterward, Pocket Edition would be released on several other uniform devices.
  • Nov 17th, 2011
    | The first iOS version of Minecraft was released.
  • December 10th, 2014
    | The first Windows Phone versions of Minecraft were released.
  • December 19th, 2016
    | A full version of Minecraft Pocket Edition was released on iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. Windows Phone versions of Minecraft were discontinued a month after in January 2017.
  • 2017
    | Minecraft Pocket Edition was replaced by Minecraft Bedrock Edition, enabling cantankerous-platform play betwixt Mobile, Xbox I, and Nintendo Switch Edition versions.


  • Xbox
    | The Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft developed by 4J Studios was released on May 9th, 2012. This version included features similar to older versions of Java Edition to slowly ameliorate this version to be closer to the PC version. The Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft was somewhen discontinued to give way to the Xbox 1. This led to the release of the Xbox Ane version of Minecraft on September fifth, 2014. This upgrade to Xbox I would bring about larger worlds and many other enhancements for Xbox-based Minecraft players.
  • PlayStation
    | On December 17th, 2013, the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Minecraft were developed and released by 4J Studios. Then in October 2014, a PlayStation Vita version was also released. Much later on in December 2019, PlayStation iv Edition would become an update becoming role of the Bedrock Edition, with cross-platform play with other Boulder Edition players.
  • Nintendo
    | The first Nintendo Minecraft edition was released on the Wii U on Dec 17th, 2015. Like to Xbox and PlayStation, the Nintendo version was as well created by programmer 4J Studios alongside Mojang Studios. Minecraft would afterward make its way to the Nintendo Switch on May 11th, 2017, and on the New Nintendo 3DS on September 13th, 2017.

On September 20th, 2017 the Minecraft console versions on Xbox One, Windows x, VR, and mobile would proceed to get an update known as the Meliorate Together Update. This update enabled cross-platform play between all of these versions. Soon after, this is when those Minecraft panel versions would be renamed to Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The older panel versions were leap to exist decommissioned due to the newer consoles. That decommission did come, occurring on December 18th, 2018. On that day, the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, and Wii U versions would go their final update. The update would bring a variety of fixes and stability to ensure Minecraft will e’er run at its best on older-generation consoles. Later, these versions would get known every bit Legacy Console Editions of Minecraft.



During the early beginnings of Minecraft, Notch would keep to postal service a weblog post almost the Minecraftcon 2010 outcome. This Minecraft consequence was an unofficial event held by Notch’s family unit and some fans of the game.



The very first MINECON event ever held, this event featured an unofficial arrangement on a Minecraft Forums thread. Fans of the game gathered together on a Minecraft Classic server to talk and play together. This event did not feature whatever new updates just did offer an enormous amount of fun with a variety of tournaments and competitions players could enter.


Minecon 2011 event logoMINECON 2011 was the first official Minecraft result, held in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada on November 17th. This event coincided with the official release of Minecraft. During the issue, members of the Minecraft community provided keynote speeches, held building contests, breakout classes for dissimilar Minecraft topics, costume contests, exhibits, meet-and-greets for worldwide Minecraft personalities, and purchasable merchandise. Additionally, attendees received an exclusive MINECON 2011 cape depicting a creeper.


Minecon 2012 event logoThe second official MINECON issue, MINECON 2012 was held at Disneyland Paris from Nov 24th to the 25th. A large omnipresence of 4,500 people came to see the event and received an exclusive MINECON 2012 cape displaying a pickaxe. During the event, the Redstone Update was announced along with some features that would enhance redstone and bring many new redstone devices to the game.


Minecon 2013 logoMINECON 2013 was the 3rd official MINECON outcome, held in Orlando, Florida from November 2nd to the 3rd. This MINECON was more of a gathering to celebrate Minecraft and some of the developers in the customs including panels for mod developers like Direwofl20, Pahimar, LexManos, cpw, and more. Attendants of this event received an sectional MINECON 2013 cape depicting a piston.


MINECON 2015 event logoThe MINECON 2015 event was the fourth official MINECON event. This event was held in London, UK from July 4th to the 5th. Originally, this event had been planned to exist held somewhere in Europe in 2014 simply was eventually delayed until Spring 2015. In the event, Mojang Studios would announce and showcase features of the upcoming Gainsay Update. Along with that, attendants at the consequence would be given a MINECON 2015 cape that depicts an Iron Golem.


2016 MINECON LogoMINECON 2016 was the fifth and last regular MINECON, occurring in Anaheim, California from September 25th to the 25th. The consequence announced information on the Exploration Update and showcased features that were upcoming with this update. Attendants to the event also received an exclusive MINECON 2016 cape displaying an Enderman.


MINECON Earth 2017

MINECON Earth 2017 logoIn 2017, Mojang Studios shifted the focus of their events to be held more than online. This led to MINECON World 2017, an online live stream effect that was held on November 18th. During a xc-minute live stream, MINECON would denote the Update Aquatic and features coming to this update. The first Minecraft mob vote too occurred aslope the update, where the community voted for the Phantom to be added in the next update.

MINECON World 2018

MINECON Earth 2018 logoSimilar to MINECON Globe 2017, MINECRAFT Earth 2018 was an consequence held online on September 29th. This event featured an declaration for the Village & Pillage update and its features. The customs was also given a chance to vote for the next biome, with the Taiga biome winning the vote.


MINECON Alive 2019

MINECON LIVE 2019 logoPost-obit the success of MINECON Earth’s live stream events, MINECON Live acted as a continuation as well existence an online effect. MINECON Live was held on September 28th and included an declaration for the Under Update and upcoming features with this update. Another biome community vote was besides held, where the Mountains biome won and was eventually added to the Caves & Cliffs update. For a limited fourth dimension, a costless MINECON Live Founder’s Cape (a yellow version of the 2011 creeper cape) was available in the Minecraft Marketplace to assist promote the character creator feature on Bedrock Edition.



MINECRAFT LIVE 2020 logoMINECRAFT Live 2020 was some other continuation of online Minecraft events. Existence held on October third, MINECRAFT Live 2022 brought with it announcements for the Caves & Cliffs update and its features coming to the game. The second-always Mojang Minecraft mob vote was also held, where the glow Squid pulled out on top coming to the showtime part of the Caves & Cliffs update.


MINECRAFT LIVE 2021 event logoMINECRAFT Live ended upward being a huge success, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in MINECRAFT Live 2021, which was held on October 16th. The event included an annunciation for the Wild Update and some features coming to Minecraft. Keeping the tendency of the last MINECRAFT Live, the tertiary-e’er Minecraft mob vote was held. Afterwards the voting, it was determined that the Allay won and would be coming to Minecraft and dedicated Minecraft servers in the next update.


MINECRAFT LIVE 2022 logoMINECRAFT Live 2022 was the third MINECRAFT Live event to occur, existence held on October 15th. With the event, information regarding several new features coming to Minecraft 1.20 was announced including the Camel mob. In add-on to the announcements, information regarding Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends was besides released. The 4th-ever Minecraft mob vote was held before the issue and well-nigh the end, Mojang Studios would announce that the Sniffer won. You lot can larn more nearly MINECRAFT Live 2022 here!


Minecraft Festival was an upshot originally planned for September 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this event has been delayed four times at present. It has been stated that the event will non occur in 2022 and information technology appears the event may be pushed back indefinitely.


Minecraft truly is an inspiring game that has lasted for over a decade and nosotros can only promise that Minecraft continues to abound and live on for many more years to come! Whether you lot’re a new Minecraft histrion or y’all’ve been playing since the start, Minecraft holds quite a history to explore.

From its inception with Notch, Microsoft purchasing Mojang, and its growth onto many different platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC, it’south been a wondrous journeying. Along with that, Minecraft ane.20 is just around the corner with snapshots already available for players to savor. At present that y’all know when did Minecraft come up out and the history of Minecraft, bring your friends forth and experience the take a chance together on a Minecraft server!

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