What’s the Current Version of Minecraft for Xbox 1? [Latest Update]

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  • The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is the latest version of the game on Xbox Ane and is available for consoles, mobile devices, and Windows.
  • It is designed to make the game more accessible, while still retaining the original Minecraft experience.
  • If you’ve got an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can download the Minecraft Coffee Edition on PC, but not for consoles.


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The Minecraft Xbox One Edition is continually expanding, with new blocks, items, and mobs existence added in regular updates. If yous’re wondering what version of Minecraft is on Xbox i, you accept come up to the correct place.

Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated earth.

In that location is no doubt that it is one of the most fun games to play with friends, specially with the split-screen characteristic on the Xbox One that lets yous squad up with friends from the condolement of your dwelling. Moreover, yous can also play cross-platform with other devices running Minecraft.

Whether you are looking to snag a physical copy of the game, buy it digitally from the Microsoft Store, or access information technology through an Xbox Game Pass membership, you are in for a great time.

Since its inception, Minecraft has seen several different versions across various platforms. The Xbox One is no different, with two versions of the game available, the bedrock edition and the Xbox i edition.

However, the latter has since been replaced by the sometime and is no longer updated. Therefore, you’ll desire to make certain you’re using the boulder edition for the all-time experience.

Minecraft was originally released as a PC-exclusive game merely is at present bachelor on a variety of platforms. The Bedrock Edition of the game offers a wider range of features and options than the original Java edition.

If yous have an active Game Laissez passer subscription, y’all’re in luck. You tin install Minecraft Java edition on Windows 11, or get the game through Xbox Game Pass on your Xbox panel. However, please note that the Java edition is non available on consoles.

Game Laissez passer users become the exclusive hazard to play new games and version releases the 24-hour interval they launch. The plan also includes discounts, costless perks, and the possibility to play games on a phone or tablet directly from the cloud.

Become Game Pass

What version of Minecraft is on Xbox Ane in 2022?

Bedrock Edition Beta is the latest version of Minecraft on Xbox One. The update includes several fixes and technical changes, equally well as new fixes for The Wild Update.

The Wild Update is an upcoming Minecraft release that will add new biomes, mobs, and more when it releases later in 2022.

The latest update to Minecraft has brought several changes, both large and small. I of the nearly noticeable changes is the removal of h2o from the actress cake when placing an Amethyst cluster. This was done to fix an issue with Coral Fan pathing.

However, the fix has at present been reverted. Other changes include tweaks to hunger depletion rates and exhaustion rates, as well as some changes to mob beliefs.

For case, mobs can no longer use JumpToBlockGoal if they are riding a boat. The User interface has also seen some changes, such equally the resetting of the Crouch land when the actor dies.

What is the departure between the Minecraft Java edition and the Bedrock edition?

1. Cross-Play

Dissimilar Minecraft versions have different capabilities when it comes to multiplayer gaming. When information technology comes to Minecraft Xbox One Edition vs Bedrock, the former is more flexible overall but does non support cross-play with players on other platforms.

Bedrock players, on the other hand, can connect with players on whatsoever other platform that uses the Bedrock edition. And then, for example, a player on a PC could connect with someone playing Minecraft on PS4, Xbox Series X, or Switch.

However, the Coffee Edition by and large provides a better multiplayer experience, due to larger servers and more custom game options.

2. Command and Redstone

Redstone circuits and programming commands differ between the 2 versions of Minecraft. In general, commands and Redstone functions are more complex and versatile in the Coffee Edition.

The Bedrock Edition doesn’t support all Redstone circuits, and some commands are non available. For case, it’due south non possible to input the /give control for custom items in the Bedrock Edition.

3. Control and Interface

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Different versions of Minecraft offering different levels of control flexibility. The Bedrock Edition, designed for consoles and mobile, offers the option to switch to dissimilar controllers for motion.

The Java Edition, on the other manus, is designed around the refined movements and quick inputs of a keyboard and mouse setup.

Although it is possible to use a keyboard and mouse with some Bedrock variants, information technology is not ideal due to a lack of support.

iv. Different file storage formats

The world of Java Edition is quite dissimilar from that of Bedrock. For 1, the former utilizes a unique format chosen Anvil, which is much improved over the older Region format. On the other hand, Bedrock is generated using LevelDB, a fast key-value storage library written by Google.

This means that the ii versions are not uniform with each other, and about tools and editors designed for Java Edition will not work with Bedrock Edition.

five. Unlike Platforms

Differentiating the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft comes downward to the platforms each is compatible with.

The Java Edition is sectional to PC, Mac, and Linux systems, while the Boulder Edition is supported by a wide range of platforms, including PC, mobile, and various consoles.

This means that Bedrock players tin can savor Minecraft on a wide variety of devices, from Xbox One and PS4 to smart TVs and streaming devices.

6. Hardcore Mode

The Java Edition of this massive open-globe game comes with v dissimilar modes for players to choose from survival, creative, adventure, spectator, and hardcore.

Hardcore mode is the most challenging option, as it gives players only one life to play through a more hard in-game difficulty. Bedrock Edition players don’t have to worry about this option, as the hardcore mode is not available in that version.

vii. Different modding levels

Modding is a big part of what makes Minecraft so fun and replayable. You can find mods for everything from custom game modes to visual overhauls and quality of life improvements.

However, if you’re playing on Bedrock Edition, you might exist missing out on some of the all-time mods out there. That’s considering most mods are merely available for the Java Edition and you have to pay for them via improver packs.

The Java Edition has a virtually countless slew of amusing user mods and custom games available, compared to the more than express pick on Bedrock. This extends to both single-player and online multiplayer servers, giving gamers a lot more than flexibility in how they play the game.

The two chief versions of Minecraft are the Coffee Edition and the Bedrock Edition. The former is the original version of the game, while the latter was designed for mobile and panel play.

Although they may appear similar at outset glance, there are several pregnant differences betwixt the 2 versions.

Is Xbox One Minecraft Coffee or Bedrock?

Xbox i has the latest Bedrock edition whereas the Minecraft Java edition is not available on the console as of yet.

The Bedrock Edition is more than stable and better suited for cross-platform play, while the Java Edition allows for deeper modding and comes with Hardcore fashion.

With this, our guide on what version of Minecraft is on Xbox one has reached its conclusion. We hope you enjoyed reading this one and that it answered all your questions and concerns.

You lot can also check our guide on Minecraft black screen issues for the most effective workarounds.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask them in the comments section beneath.

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