When It Says Join On Facetime

Yous may have noticed that, afterwards y’all’ve finished a facetime call with someone, you’ll go to the conversation and detect that, instead of the facetime push button, information technology says ‘join.’ It will make the sound equally if the facetime call has been answered, but no i will exist present.

The bring together button remains active no matter how many times yous’ve closed Facetime and the issues continues to exist. What exactly is going on hither? Information technology’south inconvenient because y’all tin’t Facetime the person until the Join button goes away.

Open an iMessage conversation with someone and glance to your right; you should usually see a video-camera icon appear in the upper right corner of the screen. And if you tap on it, you’ll be shown two options: you may either initiate an audio Facetime phone call with the contact or kickoff a video call with the contact.

However, occasionally, instead of the standard video-camera icon, you’ll get a camera icon that is green-colored or a ‘Bring together’ button in a different green color.

What Does the Dark-green Bring together Button Hateful on iMessage with One Person

The join button, added to iMessage and Facetime in iOS 15, is some other feature Apple added to ensure people can Join Facetime call easily. With the join push button, iPhone users tin join FaceTime phone call easily when they’ve been disconnected from the call with 1 person or when the group chat is having a FaceTime call and y’all’re not on it already.

Some of the more mutual issues have already been patched out, simply that does not mean that you will not run into some type of problem with the bring together button. In case you practise observe yourself needing to troubleshoot, this detailed guide tin help you notice a solution to yous issue.

Why Does the Facetime Button Say Bring together in Messages With Ane Person?

There are a couple of reasons that yous might see the join button announced in your iMessage. It is usually not a glitch and is appearing as intended. The main purpose of the bring together button are equally follows.

i. There’south a Glitch

A bug on your iPhone can the green bring together button even after yous accept asunder the FaceTime call. The light-green camera button that says Join would stay on the screen fifty-fifty after the call has concluded.

Most of the time, the facetime join push glitch occurs when the telephone call has been dropped unexpectedly. Maybe their telephone battery died or something forth those lines.

If you tap the green camera icon on your device’southward screen, two things will happen. Either you’ll wind up phoning the other person dorsum, or yous’ll be the but one on the FaceTime call due to this.

The Join button appears in the group chat when a group call is currently. No matter how many group members are participating in a call simultaneously, the ‘Bring together’ option will only appear if the telephone call is initiated from the group.

On the other hand, the green camera icon should only announced when you lot’re on a phone phone call with the other person. Information technology doesn’t thing if they’re on a Facetime call with someone else; the Facetime icon shouldn’t be replaced with the Join button.

If you lot see this problem, brand sure you’re running the most contempo software release. If you are using the most recent software and are nevertheless experiencing problems, there is cypher you lot can do but await until Apple addresses the issue.

2. Their Telephone Died

When trying to Facetime whose phone died, information technology might trigger the Join button.. Earlier you can go in bear upon with them, they will need to accuse their phone and plough it back on again. Once the phone is on, y’all can connect with them on Facetime.

3. Apple tree Is Notifying You lot of An Ongoing FaceTime Call with Your Grouping

The light-green bring together button is Apple tree’s style of notifying you of an ongoing Facetime call involving members of a group chat that yous are in. The bring together button appears as a shortcut to get you into the conversation faster. This is a slap-up feature that helps streamline the user feel when using Facetime to communicate.

The general idea behind the implementation of the green join button is to assist keep group members informed of whatever agile conversations. The button will announced in the upper right-hand corner of your screen when viewing an iMessage from someone in a group chat that you can join.

4. Yous Accept a Contact in A Facetime Call with Someone Else

The green join button has too been reported to appear when opening an iMessage from someone actively participating in a Facetime call that is joinable.

Should you cull to bring together, you will be placed into the call, regardless of grouping affiliation. This is adept feature for when y’all need to hop into a telephone call unexpectedly or want to kickoff a quick group chat exterior of your usual members.

These are the basic functions of the new join button. They are a prissy addition to the already robust iMessage and Facetime app. Utilizing the join push can brand hopping in and out of Facetime calls easier than ever.

How to Ready Facetime Saying Join in Facetime on iMessage

If you find that the join button is not functioning as intended, or missing completely, there are a few methods to resolve these issues. The join button is all the same a relatively new characteristic, so some bugs are to be expected. Follow the guidelines below to troubleshoot any issues that you might come across when trying to use the new Facetime join push.

1. Shut Facetime App

If you lot are experiencing any problems with Facetime, the first matter you tin can do is close the Facetime app. Once yous complete the app, you can wait a few minutes before using it again. If the problem is not cleared, you tin endeavour other ways to rectify the state of affairs.

2. Plow on Aeroplane Mode, Then Turn information technology Off

Allowing your phone to connect to cellular or WiFi networks is impossible while aeroplane mode gets enabled on your device. To activate airplane mode on an iPhone or iPad, slide upwards from the bottom of the screen, as seen below.

If you look in the card that appears, yous’ll see a small-scale plane icon that you may click, and it volition plough orangish. Information technology indicates that airplane style has been activated.

After a few minutes, you can switch off plane mode and encounter if the join consequence has been rectified. Turning on airplane mode is similar performing a soft reset on your device.

3. Hang Up and Call Back

If the join button appears but fails to put you into the phone call, you lot should effort repeatedly hanging upwards and calling till information technology finally connects. Failure to place yous into the telephone call is virtually likely a temporary glitch that will resolve itself over time.

There could be a trouble with your telephone service or internet connexion if the problem persists. Check your connections and keep trying and eventually you lot will be placed into the phone call.

four. Join The FaceTime Group Chat

If your chief concern is getting rid of the bring together push from the top right corner of your iMessage screen, and then simply joining the Facetime call will go rid of the icon temporarily. It will reappear if the Facetime Group Chat is even so ongoing subsequently you go out.

5. Turn Off Your Net Connection

If you have bug with the bring together button being visible when there is no grouping conversation, or you wish to stop receiving join push button notifications altogether, turning off your internet connection can help solve these problems.

Without an cyberspace connection Facetime and iMessage will be unable to get together the necessary information to alert of whatsoever potential group chats.

half dozen. Restart Your iPhone

Nigh of the bugs you will encounter involving the new join button can be solved by simply restarting your iPhone. This will requite your telephone a chance to rectify and errors and start with a clean slate. Afterward restarting try joining a Facetime call using the bring together button to see if your problem has been resolved.

7. Facetime Them Normally

You lot will need to shut iMessage and go to your phone app to detect the contact you lot are trying to get ahold of. Click on the Facetime button, and you should be able to establish a connection from there.

8. Wait It Out

Another straightforward style that you tin can arroyo problems with the join button is to simply expect information technology out and allow the problem resolve itself. Apple has already addressed several known issues with the join but and released patches to fix those bug, so any trouble you encounter with the join button is likely a temporary mistake.

9. Update Your iPhone

If you are having problem getting the join button to appear, you should first endeavour updating your iPhone to the almost recent version. The bring together push just appears for users with iOS 15 or higher, so ensuring that yous accept a compatible version is a adept first pace to resolving your issues with the join button.

A contempo update could also patch out whatsoever known problems that you lot might be encountering. Information technology is of import that you always go on your iPhone upwards to date for an optimal user experience.

10. Contact Apple Support

If yous find that y’all are having a serious recurring issue with the join push button, you can contact Apple Back up and have them investigate.

Opening a back up ticket is elementary and tin often times be the best form of action when encountering a trouble that does not have an easy set up. If y’all have tried all of the methods for resolving your problem listed here, then this is an excellent option for yous.


When y’all open an iMessage grouping conversation on your phone, the “join” button may announced. It means that other group chat members are already engaged in a group FaceTime call, and the “join” push is disabled. The switch in the upper right corner allows yous to join the conversation.

Yous can bring together the call by tapping the button while viewing who is actively participating in the grouping chat.

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