Where Are Advanced Settings On Instagram

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A few settings on Instagram are hard to find, including Advanced Settings. Accept you ever wondered if y’all are one of the people that cannot access the Advanced Settings? Information technology was happening to me before I realized what the issue was.

Whether you tin can attend or not is not a trouble. I will share how to locate Instagram’south Advanced settings so that yous can
employ hidden advanced features
to customize your posts in this weblog post.

Accessing Instagram’southward Advanced Settings

Instagram does not have a tab chosen “Avant-garde Settings” besides the feed mail service page that appears when posting a photo. What you need to practise to get there is outlined here.

The start thing you lot must do is post on Instagram. Read the points beneath;

  1. Cull a post from your profile by tapping the + icon.
    instagram settings
  2. When choosing the photograph, you want to share, click the next pointer in the top right corner. Depending on your preference, you can utilise a filter to your picture on the next page or skip it and motion on.
  3. Upon clicking it, you’ll see the following:

advanced settings

At the bottom, you can encounter Advanced Settings. The Advanced Settings for your mail are displayed when yous select it.

Instagram settings

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What Features Are Included in the Advanced Setting?

  • The pick to hibernate likes and view counts on this post will keep others from seeing how many people take liked and viewed the mail service.
  • You can disable comments on your post by checking this box.
  • Posts will exist motorcar-shared on Facebook if you have connected your Facebook account to Instagram.
  • You can also create alt text for visually impaired people as an alternative text.
  • In addition to paid partnerships, yous can also tag business organization partners. You might only have admission to this feature if you are a Business Business relationship owner.
  • Putting an age limit on viewing a post allows you lot to restrict people from seeing specific posts based on their age.

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Are In that location Any Advanced Settings for High-resolution Photos?

In that location are no options for adjusting the quality of an Instagram photograph. A photograph you upload to Instagram may be different in resolution from the original picture yous posted. According to Instagram, the image is compressed to a lower resolution than the original. Although Instagram ensures that all photos are uploaded at the highest resolution, information technology does non guarantee its accuracy.

How to Hide Likes and Views in Advanced Settings

Your posts tin can be hidden from likes and views. Hiding them is as uncomplicated equally tapping the toggle button, as shown above. But your photos and videos will evidence like counts and views if y’all select this setting. It means that other users can’t see the number of likes a post has or the number of views a video has received.

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What Is the Alt Text Pick in Instagram’south Advanced Settings?

Alt Text is a description of your photo added to your image for visually impaired people. You tin can add your own to Instagram or automatically create information technology for your photos.

Video Guide for advanced Instagram settings

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Wrapping Up

So this was everything about Instagram’s advanced setting, we promise you lot similar the article. Don’t forget to requite a thumbs upward past borer the below push.

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