Where Is Clipboard On Galaxy S9

There are lots of questions regarding clipboards on Samsung Galaxy phones like “Where is clipboard on a Samsung phone?”. These sorts of questions arise in every single Galaxy user’s heed and luckily in this guide, 3 best possible means to
find or admission to clipboard on a Samsung phone.

However, copying and pasting are as easy equally using the clipboard on an Android telephone. Highlight the text in the text area and press Copy for a long time. Then you can press every other empty field to option Paste and paste the copied text from the clipboard. Sometimes, y’all demand to know where is the clipboard to find out your copied texts and then paste them to any other apps.

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What is Clipboard?

The clipboard, also known as the pasteboard, is a special location in the retentiveness of your computer or phone which temporarily stores data from a document that has been cut or copied. When something in the clipboard is saved, information technology can and then be pasted to a new spot. The clipboard keeps the details until something important is cut or copied, or y’all log out of the reckoner or phone. However, many smartphones and computers have clipboard features.

How to Find Clipboard on Samsung Telephone

The clipboard isn’t visible on your Galaxy phone virtually of the time and sadly there is no dedicated app for it, but there are still ways to discover and access it. Hither are the three best methods to access clipboard on Samsung Galaxy devices

Method one. Find Clipboard on Samsung Phone Using Edge Panels

Step 1. Go to
> plow on
Edge panels.

Stride two. When the Edge panels are enabled, at present tap the
Edge panels text itself > Panels
to customize certain things

Footstep three. Here, you’ll have different options to choose from like
Smart select,
and etc. To admission the clipboard right from your border screen, merely select
from the list.

Footstep 4. Now,
swipe left
the Edge screen indicator on the middle right-hand side of your screen to view the

Find Clipboard on Samsung Phone Using Edge Panels

Method 2. Access Clipboard on Samsung Within the Samsung Keyboard

If you don’t like to use Border panels or Edge screen then there’s some other way to access the clipboard.

Footstep ane. Open up any text messages app.

Step 2.
Tap the
three dots
on the top right-hand corner of the keyboard.

Step iii.

Admission Clipboard on Samsung Within the Samsung Keyboard

Method 3. Find Clipboard on Samsung Telephone Using Tap & Hold Method

This is the nigh common way to access and view clipboards on Samsung devices and I am pretty sure that most of you know this method.

Step 1.
Tap and hold
on to any text entry area.

Step 2. Select the
pick one time the menu pops up.

How to Find Clipboard on Samsung Phone [S22, S21, S10...] in 3 Ways

Notice Clipboard on Samsung Phone Using Tap & Agree Method

Wrapping Upwardly

That’s it. This is how you tin can detect a clipboard on your Samsung Galaxy phone and you have learned iii different ways to access a clipboard on a Samsung phone. Tell us which method was the easiest, you lot can share your thoughts and comments in the comments department below.

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