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Nigh this mod

Deconstructs the road leathers into 4 carve up layers that take been reassembled to create 13 different outfits for male characters, each with a generous set of customization options available at the armor workbench.


This modern does not have whatever known dependencies other than the base of operations game.

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Ulfberth and H4v3yd3nt for Bodytalk Back up

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  • Version 2.7

    • Updated to OutfitStudio/BodySlide v5.3.1
    • Fixed consequence with meshes appearing to split when using body sliders
    • Fixed issue where portions of the mesh would turn black when using body sliders
    • Fixed clipping of the untucked t-shirt with the pants when crouched
    • Made the flannel shirt buttons lay flat
    • Fixed RLG Harness clipping with flannel shirt pockets
    • Fixed a minor clipping event with the right arm opening of the sleeveless flannel shirt when crouching
  • Version 2.6

    • Added unique GOs/previews for each outfit so they’re easier to distinguish at the workbench, especially afterward having been renamed.
    • Tweaked the black leather textures after observing them in different lighting situations.
    • Added a new distressed version of the black leather giving iii wear levels to choose from
    • Got rid of the Lucky prefix (but the star remains)
  • Version two.5

    • Reduced clipping around the arm openings of the sleeveless shirt
    • Added a legendary slot to the outfits and defaulted it to Lucky
    • Adjusted the stats to compensate for the legendary slot
  • Version 2.4

    • Tweaked stats a bit then users wouldn’t need to abandon the outfits for better base of operations gear.
    • Fixed holes in the tucked flannel shirts, most the chugalug.
    • Restored SCLP data to the shirtless outfit (not certain when it was lost).
  • Version 2.three

    • Fixed a transparency upshot with the inside of the flannel shirt neckband
    • Enhanced the textures (fixing minor issues along the manner) so reduced the normals and speculars from 2K to 1K
  • Version 2.2

    • Stock-still bug where turning undershirt off also hid shirt
    • Backported the “matching” characteristic from RLG. By default:
    • Kicking color will match the leathers
    • Leathers volition friction match pre/post war style of shirts
    • Undershirt color will match shirts (white ordinarily but black for pre-war plaid)
    • The new defaults can however be overridden (e.k., pre-war leathers with post-war boots)
  • Version 2.1

    • Upgraded to BodyTalk three.15
    • Fixed various clipping issues
    • Changed chem bench categories to “Modular Route Leathers”
    • Made the “None” options appear get-go in the modernistic lists
    • Improved the fit of the chugalug to the pants
    • Reduced the wrist seams when using the vanilla torso & SHB
    • Reduced “stretching” of shirt sleeves near the belong opening
    • Restored missing dangling shoe lace from Out-of-stater’s boots
  • Version 2.0.four

    • Aded .tri files to the chief ba2
    • Added the reference body to the bodyslide files. It simply needs to be in that location. DON’T build information technology. Without it, crazy things were happening including lots of clipping.
  • Version 2.0.3

    • Fixed some issues with the tri-morphs. Looksmenu bodymorph sliders should now work.
  • Version 2.0.ii

    • Accidentally included MLA.esp instead of MLU! (doh!)
  • Version 2.0.1

    • Fixed slider information issues with some of the bodyslide projects.
  • Version 2.0

    • Converted to ESL format (which likewise means the mod is NOT backward compatible with 1.x)
    • When using Visible Weapons on the Back, weapons should no longer float away from the back.
    • AWKCR is no longer required. AWKCR version is now in a divide, optional patch modernistic
    • Added barefoot option for the pants
    • Upgraded BodyTalk back up to BT3.
    • Added back up for AtomicMuscle
    • Made the outfits scrapable
    • Improved the fit of the sleeveless shirts around the arm openings
    • Reduced (hopefully eliminated) any gaps in the outfits (i.e., places through which you could see the ground or sky)
    • Increased the size of the normal and specular maps for Boots and Leathers.
    • Various texture improvements
    • Changed the pre-war colour palette for buffalo plaid to exist darker
    • Eliminated the use of slot 38 ([U] R Arm) from the Jacket and Vest outfits.
    • Fixed the UV mapping for the “Work” boots (aka Kellogg’southward boots).
    • Made UV seams on pre-war boots less visible
    • The zero slider settings for the leather pants are now closer to Beth’s leather pants
    • The pants should calibration better when using sliders
    • Improved clipping of jacket’southward shoulder straps with its collar
    • Added a second (right) breast pocket to the flannel shirt to make armor fit more than consistantly
    • Adjusted the shirt neckband to reduce chest armor clipping
    • Fixed armor rating on Jacket with T-Shirt
    • Renamed “MLU Pants” to “MLU Shirtless” for consistency
    • Eliminated the employ of scripts
    • Improved how armor fits over the outfits
  • Version i.1.1

    • Stock-still a bug in the optional SHB files where the sleeveless, untucked shirt wasn’t responding to the SHB sliders. The primary modern was not impacted.
  • Version 1.1

    • Improved fit when wearing MLA
    • Added back up for legendary mods
    • Nick can now wear the outfits
  • Version 1.0

    • Initial Release

Modular Route Leathers

This modernistic deconstructs the road leathers into layers from which you can construct new outfits for your male character.  The bottom nearly layer is the leather pants followed by a t-shirt, a shirt, and finally either the jacket or jacket vest.  All the layers (except the pants) are optional, so y’all can go shirtless, wear the belong without a shirt, a shirt without the vest or t-shirt, and and then on.

Each layer has several options so you can farther customize your look.  You lot can tuck in the shirt or t-shirt, take the sleeves off, modify the blueprint or colour, and much more.

Thepeacemaker707 made this great compilation of the unmodified outfits

Checkout some amazing screenshots past Wolf and then try it out for yourself!  Craft the items at a Chem Station under “Modular Route Leathers” and modern them at the Armor Workbench.  From the panel, use “Aid MLU 4 armo” to find all the outfits.

Installation Notes

While non required, the modernistic will wait best if you use an EVB compatible body texture.
Version ii.10 is not astern uniform with 1.x.  Before upgrading to 2.x:

  • Uninstall one.ten
  • Load your save game (continuing by the warning that MLU is missing)
  • Create a new save
  • Install 2.10


  • FranzKline – several of the textures and colour choices

  • VibraniumShield – testing and feedback

  • Wolfgrimdark – testing and screenshots

Changes from 1.10

  • A new distressed version for the pre-war black leathers has been added to the workbench options
  • Each outfit now has a unique preview/GO, making it easier to distinguish between outfits subsequently they’ve been renamed
  • Is your grapheme simply hanging out at habitation?  Kick off your boots with the new barefoot option.
  • New “matching” colour options have been added, making the outfits easier to configure.  Updating the shirt pattern volition alter the leather and t-shirt.  Updating the leather will change the boots.
  • Adjusted the outfit stats then players wouldn’t need to abandon the outfits for better base gear.  The adjustments include the introduction of a legendary slot that has been defaulted to Lucky.
  • Added “native” support for Torso Talk and Atomic Musculus.  If you have whatsoever problems with Diminutive Muscle, use Ulfbearth’due south refits
  • Eliminated outfit gaps
  • Now works with Just Visible Holstered Weapons (previously, the weapons would float away from the back).
  • AWKCR dependencies have been moved to an optional download.  Without AWKCR the outfits can exist built at the Chem Station.  Look for the “Modular Road Leathers” category
  • Converted to the “light plugin” format

Source: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/29779/