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Apex Legends
has reached record-breaking role player numbers over the past few months, and with crossplay and the Switch port coming soon, that momentum shouldn’t slow down. Respawn certainly hasn’t slowed down when it comes to new content.
Noon Legendsseason 6 is upon u.s.a., and it brings a lot to the game. From the new crafting mechanic to Rampart to World’s Border changes, here’south what you need to know before playingApex Legendsseason 6.

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Apex Legends flavor 6 release date and trailer

Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted Launch Trailer

Before getting into the gritty details, let’s start with the season vi release date. The new season started at 10 p.grand. PT on Monday, August 17, bringing the new Legend and crafting system to the game (more on those 2 in a minute). The start of season 6 also marks the beginning of a new battle pass and a new ranked flavor. We’ll talk more about the battle pass in a moment, but it looks like Respawn is sticking with the competitive model unveiled in flavor 5.

Craft your mode to victory

The biggest change in season 6 is the introduction of crafting.  The flavour 6 page reads: “Don’t like your gear? Collect materials around the map and build something better!” We haven’t played with the crafting system yet, but it looks different than
Fortnite‘s building mechanic. The season 6 gameplay trailer provides a few hints.

Crafting happens at Replicators scattered across the map. From the trailer, we tin can see ammo, weapon mods, items, and a sole weapon. There are also “daily,” “weekly,” and “permanent” tags on some items, so we’ll probable see a revolving door of new ones. Because Replicators are in the open up, crafting sets upwardly a prissy take chances-versus-reward organisation. You can take a few moments to eternalize your loadout, but we suspect there won’t any shortage of players waiting to pick off opponents trying to do so.

Otherwise, crafting is straightforward. Everything uses “materials,” and then you don’t have to worry nearly stringing together gun parts to craft a new weapon. Most of the items are inexpensive, as well. There are two places where crafting is at its all-time. If you just revived a teammate, going to a Replicator is guaranteed path to more loot, especially if you tin find one without too much attention. Otherwise, it’south best to arrive and out of the crafting screen as quickly as possible. These areas volition be highly contested, especially for the showtime week or two.

Encounter the new flavour six Legend: Rampart

Along with the crafting theme of season six, we accept a new Legend: Rampart. Ramya Parekh, besides known as Rampart, is a 21-year-one-time modder. She made a name for herself by stringing together any scraps she could find into deadly weapons and gear at her shop on Gaea. That was until her shop was attacked by a grouping of bandits and burned to the basis, leaving Rampart with nothing but an Apex Menu and a take chances to put her crafting skills to the examination. Rampart is voiced by Anjali Bhimani, known for her work on

Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – “The Endorsement”

Backstory bated, permit’due south talk abilities.

Tactical: Amped Comprehend —
Buildable comprehend that protects you from incoming shots on the lesser half and amps outgoing shots on the height half.

Passive: Modded Loader —Faster reloads and increased magazine chapters when using LMGs and Rampart’due south minigun.


Emplaced Minigun “Sheila” —
A mounted minigun that anyone can utilize with very high ammo capacity only a long reload fourth dimension.

Given Loba last flavour, nosotros expected a greater focus on crafting with Rampart. She’s just a generically powerful Legend, though. Amped Cover is perfect for fortifying a position, allowing yous to protect your squad while staying ambitious toward nearby teams. Modded Loader is dainty to have around, but information technology’s narrow. Generally, you don’t desire abilities that are reliant on each other, which is the case for Modded Loader and the Emplaced Minigun. To become the most out of Modded Loader, you not merely need a decent LMG in your loadout, but also an opportune time to deploy the minigun.

Amped Cover may be enough on its ain, though. Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection is already powerful, and Amped Cover is even better in certain circumstances.

A shocking new weapon

It’s not oft we see a new weapon inNoon Legends, with the current roster offering a prissy rock-newspaper-scissors balance across playstyles. Volt should milkshake things up a scrap. It’s an energy-based SMG that trades damage for accurateness and a quick reload fourth dimension. Volt is actually a gun from
Titanfall ii,
so we already know quite a bit almost it. The primary differentiator betwixt Volt and other SMGs is its hitscan energy rounds, offering extremely loftier accuracy even when you’re hip firing.

Although we only know about Volt, it looks similar Respawn is experimenting with other weapons. Shrugtal on Twitter spotted what looks like a chemical compound bow in a promotional image.

Hey, that'due south a compound bow. pic.twitter.com/ccq3IhMJ8b

— Shrugtal (@shrugtal) August six, 2020

Flavour half dozen map changes

Season 6 also brings some significant map changes, offer a few new points of interest and expanding the options for cycling out of dangerous areas. The Delusion Voyage is no longer active on World’s Edge, merely instead of removing the train completely, Respawn dismantled it. You’ll find some loot and train parts dotted around the runway, peculiarly in areas that were dangerous chokepoints in previous seasons.

Launch Site is the largest new area on the map, occupying the largely irrelevant lava fields west of The Dome. This new area has four control rooms, catwalks, and a lot of loot, so await a boxing. Countdown replaces Drill Site, with fortified walls and a deep pit in the center. This industrial complex offers plenty of loot opportunities, specially with the pit in the middle. Teams stationed hither will get traffic from Skyhook, Train Yard, and Lava Fissure, though, so again, be ready to fight. Finally, there’due south Staging, which sits alongside the train tracks e of Harvester.

In improver to the new areas, Respawn added ii new paths out of highly contested areas. There’due south now a path leading to The Tree away from Launch Site, as well every bit a path between Survey Campsite and Skyhook, directly through a cliffside.

The three new areas come with ascension blast walls, too, allowing teams to fortify their position if they reach these areas first. The blast walls should brand it easier to defend your position, only they don’t block other Legends from entering the site you’re defending. Legends like Pathfinder tin easily jump over the walls, and there are e’er paths effectually them. If you’re holed up in one of these positions, it’due south best to scout the areas around the walls rather than the walls themselves.

Leave your mark with the season 6 battle pass

Apex Legends Flavor 6 – Boxing Pass Trailer

A new season means a new battle pass, and along with the usual assortment of cosmetic items, you’ll observe the new Holo-Sprays. Similar all battle laissez passer items, Holo-Sprays are totally cosmetic, only they permit you to leave your marker around the map (with style, no less). The pass includes news skins for Pathfinder and Bloodhound, besides, as well as a new batch of drib emotes.

The Apex Legends season 6 reversed trailer, reversed

And, finally, but because information technology’s interesting, here’s the reversed season 6 trailer, reversed.

Reversing The Reversed Flavor 6 Additional Launch Trailer – Apex Legends

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