Which iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max Storage Capacity Should You Buy — 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB?

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Planning to buy the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max? Just confused on which storage variant you should buy, peculiarly since Apple now offers a new 1TB storage variant? Check out our iPhone xiii Pro storage guide to assist brand this conclusion easily.

Apple offers the iPhone 13 Pro serial in four different storage configurations: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. The company previously only offered iPhones with three different storage options, just with the iPhone 13 Pro, it has added a new 1TB selection. The iPhone 13 Pro series are among the first smartphones in the world to ship with a whopping 1TB of internal storage.

Which iPhone 13 Pro storage option is right for you and then? Will 1TB be overkill? Read our guide beneath to notice out.

Which iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone xiii Pro Max Storage Capacity Should You Buy?

iPhone 13 Pro – Capacity and Pricing

Earlier nosotros go along further, below is a quick rundown of the pricing of the iPhone xiii Pro for different storage tiers.

  • 128GB – $999
  • 256GB – $ane,099
  • 512GB – $1,299
  • 1TB – $one,499

The iPhone 13 Pro Max pricing is similar, though every model is $100 more expensive compared to iPhone thirteen Pro.

  • 128GB – $ane,099
  • 256GB – $one,199
  • 512GB – $1,399
  • 1TB – $1,599

Check out the iPhone thirteen Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max pricing and launch details in other countries here.

Apple is charging a $100 premium for the jump in storage from 128GB to 256GB. Nonetheless, for 512GB and 1TB, there’s a $200 premium for every tier.

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General Storage Guidelines

If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep their entire music library offline on their iPhones, or you download a lot of movies or apps, it’s best if you don’t skimp on your storage. If you like to keep your unabridged photo library available offline on the device, it’s best if you go for the largest possible storage chapters.

On the other hand, if you apply music and moving-picture show streaming services and support all photos and videos to iCloud Photo Library, you might simply become away with the lowest storage tier. Simply fifty-fifty and then, you should be prepared when you hit the wall. You lot’ll need to delete apps and backup photos actively to ensure enough storage space available. There’s likewise the fact that if yous use iCloud to backup your photos, yous volition somewhen run out of storage space on it and have to subscribe to a higher storage programme.

Who Should Purchase the 128GB iPhone xiii Pro?

The iPhone 13 Pro series ships with 128GB of base storage equally standard. That’due south more enough for most consumers who typically apply their iPhone to take photos, videos, stream content, chat, etc.

You’ll eventually have to manage the storage on your iPhone after a couple of years and keep deleting all the photos and videos you take every in one case in a while. However, if yous are okay with that, the 128GB storage variant of the iPhone 13 Pro will exist more than than plenty for you.

Recall that you can only tape ProRes video in Full Hd resolution on the base 128GB iPhone 13 Pro models. So, if you plan to get the iPhone 13 Pro for its ProRes video recording capabilities, you have to spring for the 256GB selection at the very minimum.

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Who Should Purchase the 256GB iPhone 13 Pro?

The 256GB iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max is for someone who is ever on the move and who tends to have a few movies on their device and so that they can watch it someday. If you intend to use your iPhone for 3-4 years and never once look at the amount of gratis storage remaining or carp with uninstalling old apps and deleting sometime data. It is for someone who does not mind spending an extra hundred or so dollars for that boosted peace of mind.

You might also want to check the amount of storage space yous are currently using on your iPhone and how much it bugs you. If you lot ain a 128GB iPhone with around lxxx-90GB of storage space occupied, it makes sense to go for the 256GB iPhone xiii Pro. If yous are only using nearly forty-50GB of space, with near of them occupied by apps and photos, you lot are going to be merely fine with the 128GB variant.

Well-nigh iPhone 13 Pro consumers should ideally decide between the 128GB and 256GB storage options, as anything more than will be overkill for them. You’ll besides be paying only $100 extra for the jump from 128GB to 256GB storage, which is non equally bad equally what Apple is charging for other storage tiers.

Who Should Buy the 512GB iPhone 13 Pro?

The 512GB iPhone 13 Pro is straight up going to be overkill for near everyone. Information technology is only ideal for someone who plans to tape a lot of ProRes or Cinematic Videos with their iPhone thirteen Pro Max. The additional storage infinite is also useful for someone who tends to conduct their FLAC or video library with them.

Power users might also desire to consider buying the 512GB iPhone 13 Pro, especially if they play a lot of games or plan to practise basic video editing right on their phone.

Who Should Buy the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro?

Frankly, for virtually all consumers, the 1TB storage selection for the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone xiii Pro Max is basically pointless. Information technology tin come up in handy for someone who uses their iPhone for vlogging or shooting videos on a daily basis. Otherwise, an boilerplate iPhone user is going to take a real difficult time using all that space.

With and so much storage space, you lot can besides turn your iPhone 13 Pro into an external drive of sorts and motion content betwixt your devices when needed.

If you have already made up your mind to buy the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro, you likely already have a utilize case for it which is why you are looking to buy it. Or y’all just have a lot of money to fire.

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Buy iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max

Yous tin can buy the iPhone thirteen Pro from any of the following retailers and carriers below:

  • Apple tree Store
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • All-time Purchase

Practise drop a comment and let us know which iPhone 13 Pro storage variant you went ahead with and why?

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