Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK Review: Large capacity and very efficient

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A big pulsate, low running costs and super-quiet operation make the Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK stand out from the oversupply. The appliance doesn’t include whatsoever smart features, although the mid-range toll and decent performance during the Eco 40-60 launder cycle largely make upwards for this. Only the slightly disappointing 30ºC wash performance holds this model back from a higher score – merely quality washes elsewhere and plenty of programmes ensure that this is a bully 10kg washing machine for those who demand to tackle sizeable loads.


  • Large drum
  • Very placidity
  • Efficient
  • Cleans well in Eco mode


  • 30ºC wash functioning isn’t so good

Key Features

  • Capacity
    With its 10kg drum, the Whirpool W8 is platonic for larger families or those with bigger items to launder


Many manufacturers now include a series of smart controls on their washing machines, but the Whirlpool W8 W046WR United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland is decidedly more standard. This doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of a look, though: low running costs, automatic dosing, exceptionally quiet functioning and decent stain removal in the Eco mode set this motorcar apart.

While the 30ºC wash didn’t prove particularly constructive on tougher stains, it’s fine for more lightly soiled items.

Pattern and Features

  • Huge drum
  • Auto-dosing
  • Lots of programmes

With its 10kg drum, the Whirlpool W8 W046WR Uk is most equally large a washing motorcar as they come up. This means it offers plenty of room for larger families, or those who want to launder bigger items such as duvets.

Open up that big porthole door and a bright light highlights the interior, making information technology far easier to loading your contents –and, crucially, will make information technology less probable that y’all’ll leave a sock behind when emptying.

Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK drum

Fitting in my test load, I plant that everything went in easily, with plenty of boosted room for more washing.

Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK drum full

You lot’ll observe the detergent drawer in the same place you’d find it on other machines, only here information technology has only two big compartments to take liquid detergent and cloth softener. This compartment holds enough liquid for several washes, and the Whirlpool W8 W046WR Uk is capable of auto-dosing, much like the more than expensive Samsung WW9800T.

Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK detergent drawer

This apparatus doesn’t include any smart features, so everything is selected from the standard control panel. You lot’ll find pretty much every wheel you lot’d need, though, with special modes for Wool, a 20C wash, alongside speed modes for lightly soiled items with a wash taking 30- or 45-minutes, depending on the load size.

Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK programme selector

There’s also a More Cycles pick, which lets you choose special washes for items such every bit jeans, shirts and cuddly toys. Such options would usually be constitute in a smart automobile’s app.

Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK LCD

I the LCD you lot tin see the programme you’ve selected and the estimated bicycle time. You can use the buttons to override the wash temperature, spin speed and to add steam into the mix; there’southward also a Steam Refresh option for freshening upwards wearing apparel earlier yous wear them.

It’south all pretty straightforward and clear, so it’s very easy to go started with this washing machine.


  • Stain removal at 30ºC wasn’t that good
  • Results improve with the Eco 40-60 bicycle
  • Low running costs

To test washing machines, I put them through the same set of tests and wash cycles. I started with the Cotton cycle, with the washing machine gear up to 30ºC. From left to right, the test stain strip contains blood-red wine, oil, ketchup, orange juice and gravy. As yous can see from the results, the red wine and gravy stains were still visible, equally were the oil and ketchup stains.

Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK 30C dirty strip
Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK 30C clean strip

On this 30ºC wash, the motorcar used 0.474kWh of power and simply 36.2 litres of water, which is super-efficient. My clothes came out 37.19% heavier than when they went it, as a result of water retention. This isn’t bad, and the 1400rpm spin cycle does a good job of getting the water out.

Moving to the Eco 40-60 wash, and stain removal was much amend. While the tough blood-red vino stain is all the same visible, the Whirlpool managed to tackle and remove the other stains. That’south very good overall performance.

Again, I found the Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK very efficient. On this cycle it used a similar corporeality of ability, while water consumption jumped a piddling to 48.eight litres. Comparatively, that’due south still good, and the actress water utilize clearly helped with stain removal. Water retention did increase slightly – my clothes were 39.67% heavier than when they went in.

Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK 40C strip
Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK 40C clean strip

To give a fair comparison between washing machines, I go for a level playing field and work our annual running costs assuming a full load. I first work out the average total washing washed in the UK, assuming a 6kg load and 274 washes per twelvemonth, which works out at 1644kg.

Since the Whirlpool W8 W046WR Uk is a 10kg washing automobile, it tin cover this amount of washing in just 164.4 wash cycles per yr; larger machines are best when used to their total capacity. Given the free energy label figures, a launder cycle with this automobile would cost £0.eighteen, which amounts to a depression running cost per yr of £29.98.

That A-rated energy characterization has been well deserved, then; the cheaper 10kg Hoover H-Wash 500 comes in more expensive, with running costs of £37.33 per year.

I also found the Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK super-repose in operation. Thanks to its direct-bulldoze motor, I measured it at a very quiet 47.5dB on the normal part of the wash, and 54.9dB on spin. That’s exceptionally quiet – this washing machine proved no lark.

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Should you buy information technology?

If y’all want a big washing machine that offers low running costs, and is tranquility, then this model ticks all the boxes.

Those looking for smart control, or a washing automobile that offers better stain removal at lower temperatures, should consider a different model.

Final Thoughts

Although wash performance at 30ºC wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, the Eco twoscore-sixty wash offered much better performance. Combined with the low running costs and very placidity running, the Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK is a great mid-range washing machine.

If you want smart features and better performance at lower temperatures, you should consider spending more on the likes of the AEG L9FEB969C, or take a look at my guide to the best washing machines.

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How big is the drum in the Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK?

This automobile has a 10kg drum, making it 1 of the largest conventional washing machines y’all tin can purchase.

What does the car-dose characteristic of the Whirlpool W8 W046WR United kingdom do?

The washing machine automatically adds the right amount of washing detergent and textile softener based on the load size.

Trusted Reviews examination information

Sound (spin)

Sound (normal)

Water consumption 30C wash

Percentage water remaining 40C wash

Water consumption 40C wash

Energy consumption 40C launder

Yearly running cost low use (washing auto)

Yearly running price med use (washing machine)

Percentage h2o remaining 30C wash

Yearly running cost high utilize (washing auto)

Energy consumption 30C wash

Whirlpool W8 W046WR Britain

54.9 dB

47.5 dB

36.2 litres

39.67 %

48.8 litres

0.48 kWh



37.19 %


0.474 kWh

Full specs

U.k. RRP


Size (Dimensions)


Release Date

Outset Reviewed Date

Model Number

Rated Efficiency

Annual water consumption

Annual electricity consumption

Drum Capacity

Spin speed

Special launder modes

Countdown timer

Filibuster timer

Whirlpool W8 W046WR UK



599 x 643 x 845 MM

83 KG





9900 litres

112.ii kWh

x kg

1400 rpm

Wool, Steam Refresh, Rapid 20′



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