Why Cant I Join Discord Servers

Clicked on the blue icon‒
Bring together server,
and nothing happened equally if you didn’t even click? How annoying would you charge per unit that consequence, especially when you lot finally establish a server that you actually like?

Working equally a modernistic in a 100k+ members-server, I become this complaint from a lot of users. Fifty-fifty sometimes, the invitation links don’t work.

Yep, that’s pathetic, I know!

With the help of that server management office, I found proper workarounds to go rid of that issue. Why don’t y’all read this commodity till the end to find a manner to rejoin your desired server? I’m sure we tin work this out by following the quickest solutions.

Allow’s beginning with,

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Why can’t I bring together a Discord Server?

Clicking on an expired server invite link is the most likely reason backside your disability to join a Discord server. Backlog joining beyond the cap limit- I’ll explain afterwards, can revoke your joining a server. Moreover, reaching the limit of joining servers can likewise trigger this scenario.

Let’s go deeper― when yous click on the server invitation link, which is actually of import if you lot want to join a private server, you become directed right to the server’south landing page. Only, if that link has expired due to your inactivity, or any other reasons, clicking on the link won’t take you to the
welcome page
of your desired server.

Another betoken Discord users usually forget is the
cap limit. Basically, every new Discord server has a member limit of 250k. Until the server owner request for increasing that cap limit, that stays the same. You know where am I going with this information, correct?

Y’all tin’t join a server if it has reached it’s fellow member limits.

Also, you can’t bring together a new server if yous take already joined 100 of them.

Every reason seems a bit more than complicated than the previous one? I experience you. But don’t y’all worry. As promised, I’ll assist you join your preferred server even if it isn’t responding when you hit the bring together server option.

Just bear with me for the next chapter.

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How to Prepare Unable to Bring together a Discord Server

Subscribe to Discord Nitro!

No, I’one thousand non promoting nitro subscriptions, merely when y’all join nitro service, your cap limit gets increased, more than adventure of rejoining a server, and yous become more than sincere in the give-and-take panel! That means no violation of server rules.

And if you are in upkeep way, let’southward endeavor the solutions differently.

First, I need you to log in to the Discord web version. Sometimes, unimaginable bugs obsess your discord application, and as a result- invitation links don’t work. Since the spider web version is shut to free from glitches, you can endeavour that out.

If that doesn’t ready your issue, attempt the following solutions. But perform the steps equally I explain and get rid of the problem.

Here are the methods to join a server when Discord doesn’t allow you:

Method 1: Cope With Cap-limit

You lot got a complete overview of the cap limit from the earlier passage. Permit’s tweak your limits. Imagine you are connected to hundred different discord servers, and after finding your desired server, you desire to join in.

For that, you have to exit the server in which you don’t regularly roam/ the server that isn’t benign to you. Leave that, and join the preferred 1. Follow the forthcoming steps in order to do that.

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Hither are the steps to leave a server and rejoin a new one:

  • Launch
    from your device.
  • Locate the server yous want to leave and click on the icon.
  • Click on the
    three dots
    right side by side to the server’s name.
  • Select
    leave server
    from the driblet-down menu.leave-server
  • Confirm
    the leaving command from the post-obit window.

Once you lot secure the cap limit, find the server that you desire to join. Send a asking to bring together that server. If that server is private, ask an admin for an invitation.

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Method 2: Apply VPN to Bring together Over again

Sometimes, Discord recognizes your IP address as spam and bans you from joining any server. If that happens, you demand to change your location via a VPN and settle the issue,

Hither are the steps to connect with a VPN to rejoin Discord:

  • Download and install whatever VPN y’all prefer.
  • Click on
    Fastest Server
    to connect via different IPs.fastest-server
  • Launch the discord application in one case you’re connected through a VPN.
  • Find the invitation link and click on join server.

Later that, rename your discord account and change the nametag if possible. You volition no longer confront any issues joining a server.

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Method three: Clear Discord Cache

When you articulate the Discord application’due south enshroud information, it helps you lot with loading the application faster and clears out deformities of the earlier version.

Hopefully, your
inability to join a Discord server
issue might resolve once you impale the app information from your device.

Here’s the procedure to articulate Discord cache information from your device:

  • Press
    Windows + R

    button to launch the run prompt.
  • Type in
    in the command box and hit enter.
  • Locate the
    Discord binder
    in the AppData binder.discord-folder
  • Delete Discord from that window.

In one case y’all delete the app data, relaunch discord from your system. Log in again equally y’all deleted all the saved information. Bring together the longed server, and now, you’ll be able to do that without any trouble.

Thank me later in the comment box. These are the methods that are currently working to help y’all rejoin the discord server.

Read the following section if you take any other queries regarding merging a discord server to your account.

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Often Asked Questions

Can I join a Discord Server without Invitation?

You tin join a discord server without invitation if that is a public server. Only search by typing the server’s proper noun, and join. But, if it’southward a private server, and so you must need an invitation from the admin panel.

Practise Discord Server Ban Permanently?

Discord server ban varies with the violation limit. Depending on the server, yous tin go banned from one 60 minutes to six months.

Tin can I rejoin a Discord Server after being Kicked?

Yes, if you lot manage to go an invitation from the moderators, you can rejoin again.

Why is my Discord Server Invitation Link Invalid?

That’south probably because you waited a piffling longer to accept the invitation. Or the empty server slot has been filled by another member.

The Bottom Line

The last thing I would suggest is don’t panic when yous can’t bring together a server, particularly if yous are non banned from that server. That’s probably because of a server glitch/ software problems.

With the help of the explained methods, y’all’ll be able to gain admission to your desired server.

In dissimilarity, if you accept any problems performing those solutions, experience free to hash out them in the comment box. I’ll be happy to discuss tech-related matters with y’all.

Enjoy connecting with people.

Source: https://10scopes.com/cant-join-discord-server-even-when-not-banned/