Why Does My Airplay Keep Stopping

If one or both of your AirPods fall out of your ear, the music stops playing automatically. Simply what happens if your AirPods continue pausing even when they’re still in your ears? Fortunately, this frustrating problem tin be hands fixed.

In this commodity, nosotros’ll tell you why your AirPods keep pausing, and provide possible solutions to take y’all back to listening to uninterrupted music in no time.

AirPods Keep Pausing With the iPhone

If you noticed your AirPods keep pausing with your iPhone, there are several factors to consider:


AirPods have a range of most thirty-lx anxiety. They sometimes work even when they’re about 100 feet from your device. All the same, this isn’t always the instance. If in that location are obstacles such equally walls between your iPhone and AirPods, the range will decrease. If you lot noticed your AirPods are frequently pausing, they might be likewise far from your iPhone.

Automatic Ear Detection

AirPods have built-in proximity sensors that allow them to detect when y’all put them in your ears. Due to these sensors, AirPods will automatically play your music in one case they’re in your ear and intermission it once you take one or both of them out. If your music is pausing when the AirPods are withal in your ear, there might exist something wrong with the sensors.

To establish if the proximity sensors are the cause of your problem, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap
  3. Tap the alphabetic character
    adjacent to
  4. Switch the toggle next to
    Automatic Ear Detection.

Once you’ve disabled this feature, check if your AirPods are working properly. Keep in listen that their battery life volition be reduced equally they will continue playing your content regardless of whether they’re in your ears or not.

Double-Tap Activity

You tin customize what happens when y’all double-tap i of your AirPods. Amongst other options, you lot can pause the content you’re playing past double-tapping. If this choice is ready, you might be accidentally pausing your content by touching the AirPods.

To check the options, select ane of the AirPods in settings and choose what happens once y’all double-tap them from the post-obit options:

  • Use Siri to manage your content
  • Play, stop or pause the content
  • Skip to the next/previous track

Connection Problems

AirPods might be pausing due to connectedness issues. You can try putting the AirPods in the case for about 20-25 seconds and then reconnecting them.

You lot tin can also manually forcefulness the connection:

  1. Open up the
    Control Middle.
  2. Tap the upper-correct corner of the
    At present playing
    box and select

If this doesn’t work, the problem might be with your phone. Try disabling and enabling
or restarting the telephone. If this doesn’t piece of work, try restarting your AirPods and then reconnecting them to your telephone.

AirPods Keep Pausing With Android Device


If your AirPods continue pausing, the trouble might be that they’re besides far from the source, in this instance, your Android device. Per the manufacturer’s communication, AirPods should work within 30-twoscore feet of the source. But since walls and other obstacles tin can affect the range and reduce the signal, try keeping your AirPods and your Android device as close as possible.

Automated Ear Detection

AirPods have a feature called Automated Ear Detection. This allows them to observe when they’re in your ears and playing your content. Once yous remove ane or both of them, the content will be paused. Sometimes, you lot can experience problems with these sensors.

If yous suspect you’re having bug with the sensors, follow the steps below to disable this choice:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap
    Connections > Bluetooth, you might just demand to tap on
    depending on your Android device.
  3. Tap the gear icon side by side to
  4. Switch the toggle to plow off automatic ear detection.

Check if your AirPods are functioning properly now. Continue in mind the battery of your AirPods will take a shorter lifespan since they will play content fifty-fifty when not in your ears.

Connection Problems

AirPods might be pausing due to a poor connectedness. Endeavor keeping them in their example for nearly 20-25 seconds and then reconnecting them.

You can also reconnect them in Settings:

  1. Go to
  2. Over again, tap
    Connections > Bluetooth
    or just
  3. Tap the gear icon next to
  4. Now, tap
  5. Pair them again.

If this doesn’t piece of work, try restarting your phone or your AirPods. Once you re-establish the connectedness, your AirPods should work properly.

AirPods Keep Pausing Video

If your AirPods are pausing a video y’all’re watching, there are a few things to check. Often, the trouble isn’t with the AirPods but the role player or the device you’re using. That’s why it’s important to establish what the problem is and try to observe a solution.

First, permit’s outset with the AirPods:

  • Check the condition of your AirPods – if your AirPods are muddied or dusty, this tin be the reason why they go along pausing your video. Attempt cleaning them gently.
  • Check the battery – if the battery on your AirPods is low, it can interrupt your videos. Try charging your AirPods to ensure this isn’t the problem.
  • Automatic Ear Detection – this feature on AirPods enables them to play music only when they’re in your ears. Sometimes, the sensors can malfunction. Disable this feature in Settings to check if this is the problem.
  • A glitch between the video thespian and your AirPods – there might exist a temporary glitch in the video player that’south causing the interruptions of your videos. If y’all doubtable this is the case, try using another video player.

Other bug tin cause constant pausing of your video:

  • Connectivity issues – you might be experiencing connectivity problems between AirPods and the device yous’re using. If you lot’re watching the video online, you might accept internet issues. Endeavor re-establishing the connections or using another device to ensure your network is working properly.
  • Video player updates – if you’ve recently updated the video player yous’re using, the new updates might non work well with your AirPods. Effort deleting the new updates and using the older version of the video role player.
  • Smart Pause – the smart pause feature is oftentimes nowadays in Android devices. By making a certain gesture, you tin pause the content you’re watching/listening to. Go to Settings to check and customize this characteristic, along with other gesture features that might be enabled.

AirPods Keep Pausing Spotify

AirPods can interrupt the content you’re listening to on Spotify. If yous’re trying to establish the cause of this, cheque out the potential issues below:

  • Automatic Ear Detection – the sensors in your AirPods allow them to play music but when they’re in your ears. If you lot have ane or both out, the music volition automatically pause. These sensors can occasionally malfunction, or in that location could be a temporary glitch. Disable this feature in Settings to found if this is the crusade.
  • Check Bluetooth – if the Bluetooth on your AirPods is malfunctioning, it might pause Spotify. To observe out if this is the issue, try listening to a few songs without AirPods or with another pair of Bluetooth headphones/earphones. Then, reconnect the AirPods. If Spotify pauses but with AirPods, information technology means there’s a problem with the Bluetooth.
  • Cheque your internet connection – if y’all’re listening to Spotify using the internet, bank check your connexion. Spotify can ofttimes pause if the indicate is poor.

No Interruptions With AirPods

Although you might experience some bug with AirPods, it’south of import to note they are ordinarily very easy to fix. AirPods allow you to enjoy music without unnecessary cables, offer high-quality sound, and are convenient.

If your AirPods keep pausing, we hope this article has helped solve the problem and that you tin now enjoy your favorite content without interruptions.

Do you lot utilise AirPods? Take y’all ever experienced any issues with them? Tell usa in the comments department below.

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