Why Does My Wordle Keep Resetting

Here’s an easy and quick method to regain your Wordle streak if it has disappeared or was reset recently.

The New York Times purchased Wordle; The newspaper stated the Wordle scores would be transferred to the paper. However, many players have noted that this was not the state of affairs. Many of us have played Wordle for a long time, and seeing our streaks is crucial. It allows us to check our progress with our friends and provides a reason to keep lines going.

If your Wordle streak was reverted, the hope isn’t lost, and at that place are some things you can do to go it back.

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The Reason, Your Wordle Streak, Is gone.

Your Wordle streak may be erased if you delete whatever browsing data, erase your browsing history or data and reset the phone. Each of these events could upshot in the Wordle streak disappearing and reset indefinitely.

Wordle streak vanish on iPhone or android, Source: Proreviewsapp.com

Your Wordle streak may also fade If you take added the Wordle shortcut onto your Home Screen on your mobile device. Nosotros’re not certain why this is since bookmarks use this aforementioned browser your initial streak was. However, this is the current scenario.

Why Wordle Won’t Get Away, Source: Youtube, Colin, and Samir

If you didn’t accomplish whatever of these actions and your streak is still reset, it’s likely an issue with redirection that’south simple to fix.

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Visit Wordle’due south Old Wordle website and allow it to redirect

Wordle has purchased Wordle through The New York Times is the nearly normally cited reason backside the reason your Wordle streak could accept vanished. To restore it, go to the previous Wordle website and redirect it to the brand new site. This should happen seamlessly.

How to redirect your old website to a new URL ( URL /Website Redirection), Source: Youtube, FaceITNet

Make this change on the browser you used to play Wordle on before The New York Times purchased Wordle. If you type in Wordle and then click the link at the top, it will take you to the new website without redirecting to the onetime one. This is the most likely reason for your score to be non there.

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If you lot’ve tried redirecting simply your streak is disappearing, that means it’south probably gone for good, and at that place’s no method to bring it back. While this could exist an issue, in reality, information technology’s okay to commencement from scratch. This lets you attain a higher score and lets you use the lessons y’all’ve learned to get better and an even college score.

Shortly, hopefully, you lot will be able to keep the Wordle streaks to an account on the Wordle business relationship.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, cheers for reading.

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