Many players reported that they cannot update Apex Legends. How you set Apex Legends not updating? It is not an easy job only you tin follow some solutions collected by MiniTool Solution to fix the update problem of this game.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play Boxing Royale game and has gained much popularity from persons worldwide. When playing this game, you may encounter some mutual issues, for case, Noon Legends won’t launch, Apex Legends keeps crashing, Apex Legends mic not working, and more.

Today nosotros volition talk about another topic – Apex Legends not updating. Co-ordinate to users, the update may get stuck on preparing or update is not downloading. How can you fix the Apex Legends update problem? See the fixes introduced in the following part.

Solutions to Noon Legend Update Problems

Cancel the Update and Repair

When encountering the result of Apex Legends stuck on preparing, in that location is a specific solution and it is worth trying. Apex Legends not downloading may be acquired by corrupted game files. Yous can repair the game files in Origin.

  1. In the Origin client, abolish the update.
  2. Click the
    menu and choose
    Application Settings.
  3. Disable
    Automated game updates.
  4. Become to
    Origin > Exit.
  5. Re-launch the Origin awarding.
  6. Become to your game library, right-click
    Noon Legends,
    and choose

This is helpful to repair your game and allow the update to download without any problem.

If Apex Legends won’t update once again, in that location are some other methods for you to have a try.

Delete Temporary Information Files

This solution is recommended past EA and you can also try deleting data files. Still, co-ordinate to some users, it is ineffective. But you can have a try since it may work in your example.

See the steps you tin can follow:

Step ane: Blazon
to the search box in Windows 10, right-click the result, and cull
Run as administrator.

This post shows y’all some other ways to open Command Prompt with admin rights – How Can You Run Control Prompt equally Administrator on Windows.

Step two: Type the commands in social club and press Enter afterward each one:


del c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\origin\telemetry\data

Then, get out the CMD window and run the update check to encounter if the update effect is solved.

Make Certain the Update Is Open for Download

Some users may cheque for the update before it is actually bachelor, so they cannot see the update for Apex Legends. In this example, if you are the i user, before attempting to update the game, you lot should brand sure the update is available for your region.

Turn off UAC

Sometimes the User Account Settings in Windows prevents Apex Legends from updating. To ready this issue, just type
to the search box and click the result. And then, drag the slider to the lesser and salvage the modify by clicking
to plough off UAC. Then restart the PC and try to update the game.

disable UAC in Windows 10

Disable Origin Client Service

Another solution to set Apex Legends not updating is disabling Origin Client Service. Before you do, make sure the Origin client is closed completely and and so follow these steps:

Step one: Press
Win + R, type
and click

type services.msc to the run window

Step two: Locate
OriginClientService, right-click information technology to cull

Footstep iii: Choose
from the
Startup type

Step four: Launch Origin and update the game.

Bottom Line

Is Apex Legends not updating or Apex Legends update stuck? At present, information technology’south time to follow these solutions in a higher place to fix the update issue. We hope this mail service is helpful to you.