Why Is My Facetime Upside Down

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Recently, we’ve been reading complaints about iPhone cameras that become stuck upside down. Understandably, this issue rapidly leads to disappointment—what would’ve been a great photo is ruined by a software mishap.

Thankfully, we’ve rounded upward some solutions to the problem. Ready to get started? Let’south go!

iPhone Camera stuck upside down? Try these solutions

Offset things showtime, there’s no one physical solution to fixing this result on iOS. To make things a fiddling easier for you, nosotros’ve divided the hacks up into ii sections: Bones and Involved (involved pregnant more than comprehensive processes).

As is always the instance with troubleshooting, endeavour out the quick tricks first. If they can sort out the hiccup, y’all’re good to go. With this little disclaimer out of the way, let’due south get started.

Quick Tips:

  • Make sure to hold your iPhone right side up. When shooting pics in landscape orientation, proceed the camera lens at the top left corner.
  • Hither’due south a quick workaround to the trouble. Simply open the photo in question ⟶ tap
    at the top right ⟶ tap the
    tool icon at the bottom ⟶ tap the
    icon at the top left. Then, keep borer the icon until the paradigm is in the right orientation. Later that, tap
    to finish.

Basic Solutions:

Strength quit Camera and launch it again

Force quitting is one of the most reliable means to fix small bugs and iOS glitches. It’s quite uncomplicated to practice, as well:

  • iPhones with Home buttons: Double printing the
    button to enter app switcher mode.
  • iPhones with no Home buttons: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold. Here you will meet all the currently open apps.)

Later on the previous step, swipe up on the Camera app card to force quit out of it. Now, give your iPhone a quick restart and launch the
Photographic camera. It should behave usually.

Force restart your iPhone

You probably already know that forcefulness restarting is a tried and truthful catch-all fix. It applies to fixing upside-down pictures on your iPhone every bit well.

On iPhone SE/6s or earlier: Press and hold the
Dwelling house
buttons at the same fourth dimension for virtually x seconds.

On iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold the
Book Downwards
buttons at the same time for a few seconds.

Press and Hold Side Button and Volume Button Together

On iPhone 8/eight Plus and iPhone X or later: Press and release the
Volume Up
push button. Then press and release the
Book Down
button. Subsequently that, press and hold the

How to Reboot iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

Involved Solutions:

When basic tricks don’t yield the desired results, it’due south time to motility on to more involved measures.

Update your iOS version

If your iPhone photographic camera is still upside down, endeavor sorting it out with a software update. Navigate to


Software Update. Now, tap Download and Install. Then, go through the usual process.

tap on general and then tap on software update in ios 14 settings on iphone

If y’all’d like a more than in-depth tutorial, read more at our article on the topic.

Reset All Settings

“Reset All Settings” isn’t quite the same as a factory reset—information technology won’t delete your files, photos, or media. Information technology will, on the other hand, reset your settings configurations to their default states. This can articulate upward unwanted inverted iPhone photos.

Head into



Reset All Settings. Follow the onscreen instructions. To acquire more, encounter our article linked in the previous paragraph.

Reset All Settings

Restore your iPhone as new

Oh no! Who really wants to restore their iPhone equally new? No one (every bit far every bit we know). But in situations where nothing seems to be working, it’s worth a shot.

However, never forget to back upwardly your device earlier going ahead with this solution. To discover out more most it, check out our complete guide well-nigh how to restore your iPhone as new.

Wrapping Upwards…

Hopefully, your iOS problems are backside you lot. Were we able to aid? Let united states know in the comments below.

And if you have whatsoever Apple tree-related questions or discussions, add those to the comments likewise!

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