Is Your Pixel Phone Running Boring? Try Disabling This Characteristic

A large number of Google Pixel smartphone owners have complained that their devices have slowed down considerably for no apparent reason. Final year’s Pixel three series and the new mid-range Pixel 3a series have 4GB RAM and a powerful processor to have care of whatsoever task you throw at them. And then, why are users experiencing functioning issues on Pixel devices? It may accept something to do with Google’south Digital Wellbeing feature.

Exercise you desire improve performance or Digital Wellbeing?

Multiple threads on Reddit are flooded with comments from the afflicted Pixel owners. The issue appears to bear upon non only the Pixel iii series and Pixel 3a series, but also the older models. It’south unclear whether Android devices by other vendors are too experiencing a slowdown.

In the r/GooglePixel sub-reddit, Ploewer says, “Saw information technology was a known bug on some YouTube comment about the Pixel 3a, turned it off on my Pixel iii and it has fabricated the world of deviation. Tin can’t believe I was living with so much stuttering thinking it was normal. The departure is similar nighttime and day. If you have a Pixel 3, I highly recommend y’all give it a go fifty-fifty if you remember yous take no functioning issues..”

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Another Redditor said he was wondering why his phone’due south “bombardment life was suddenly garbage.” The user tried to find and uninstall the culprit apps, and constitute that information technology was Digital Wellbeing. Dozens of Pixel owners commented on Reddit that they saw a dramatic improvement in their telephone’s performance – especially in terms of frame rates and stuttering – when they disabled the Digital Wellbeing feature.

The search engine giant introduced Digital Wellbeing with Android 9 Pie last year to allow users to monitor and control their screen time. Simply a handful of Android phones have received the feature then far. Google’southward Pixel series handsets run Android 9 Pie, which means they offer the Digital Wellbeing characteristic.

Google introduced it as a transparent tool to help users monitor how much fourth dimension they spend on their phones and inside individual apps. It also lets people limit their smartphone and app usage, only information technology’southward not supposed to slow downwardly your phone.

Digital Wellbeing runs in the groundwork to track how much time you spend using your device and various apps. It’s similar to the Screen Time feature on Apple’southward iOS 12. The information helps you make smarter decisions regarding your smartphone usage. Yous can limit the amount of fourth dimension you lot spend on each app daily or even turn the screen grayscale to brand the apps a little less highly-seasoned.

Google hasn’t all the same officially commented on the issue. Simply if Digital Wellbeing is making Pixel phones slower, users would seriously consider disabling it. Though not every one of Pixel owners noticed a marked comeback in performance after disabling it, most users did and they are glad they disabled it.

Google will farther amend the feature later this year past bringing a new Focus Mode with the Android Q software. The feature might exist useful in controlling smartphone usage, only customers are unlikely to put up it if it slows down their phones.

How to disable the feature

For the time being, you can try disabling Digital Wellbeing to run across if it indeed improves performance on your device. Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch theSettingsapp on your Pixel telephone
  • SelectDigital Wellbeing
  • Tap on the 3-dot icon in the superlative-right corner and selectTurn off usage admission.
  • Confirm on the nextUsage access
    screen by toggling off theAllow usage access

Information technology should enhance the speed and frame rates. Let us know in the comments beneath whether disabling the feature improved performance on your Pixel phone.

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