Why Is My Ps4 Charger Loose

Plug your PS4 into your laptop or another device to charge it

Plug your PS4 into your laptop or another device to charge it

Brand sure that the charging cable is inserted correctly into the outlet at the top of the controller and your computer.


Sometimes controllers have difficulty charging directly from the PS4, but testing out the controller by plugging it into another device — similar your Mac, PC, or Android — tin can help you narrow downwardly the reasons why it’s not charging.

If it’s not charging from another source, then you know that it’s not the PS4 itself that’due south causing the problem.

Bandy out the charging cablevision

Swap out the charging cable

Y’all might demand to switch out the charging cord if your PS4 controller isn’t charging properly.


The issue may not be with the controller itself but with the charging cablevision. Try a dissimilar cablevision or try using that cable to accuse some other controller.

Y’all can also check the cable for concrete signs of damage such every bit fraying on the cord or built-up grime in the plug.

Cheque out the charging port

Check out the charging port

Make sure that the charging cable is inserted correctly into the outlet at the top of the controller and your reckoner.

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Built-up dust or dust may be interrupting the power menstruation and keeping your controller from charging. A quick pass with a wooden toothpick or compressed air may assist.

Reset and re-pair your controller

Reset and re-pair your controller

Apply a toothpick or bobby pin to press into the small hole on the back of your PS4 controller to reset information technology.


Go to the Settings bill of fare on your PS4 and under “Devices,” remove all devices from the listing. Then, on your controller, press something into the small pigsty on the underside of the controller and hold it for five seconds. A toothpick or bobby pin, for case, may do the fox.

Finally, re-sync the controller to the PS4 using the PS push. If you have issues re-pairing your PS4 controller, run across our article on how to connect your controller to your PS4.

Conduct a ability cycling on your PS4

Conduct a power cycling on your PS4

Turning off your console and controller, unplugging them, and restarting them may practice the trick.

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Plough off your PS4 console and controller, and unplug the PS4’due south power string from the outlet. Expect 5 to 10 minutes, and with the PS4 nonetheless unplugged, hold downwards the power button for 30 seconds to drain all its leftover energy. Then, plug the PS4 back in, turn it on, and see if the issue has been fixed.

If your controller notwithstanding isn’t charging afterward troubleshooting, check if it’south still under warranty with Sony or the retailer you lot purchased it from.

If so, you may exist able to go a replacement, or bandy out some of the hardware, without having to shell out money for a brand new controller.

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