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TechTarget News – Week of Nov 06, 2022

Midterm election outcomes aren’t likely to immediately affect progress of hotly debated antitrust and Section 230 reform bills or cosmos of a federal data privacy law.

TrustCor Systems, a document authority registered in Panama, is in hot h2o later on a Washington Mail service report raised questions about its credible connections to a spyware vendor.

The startup looks to provide a competitive alternative to RocksDB past building out its data technology and community of developers with a move to an open source methodology.

The formerly contained embedded BI specialist is benefiting from its new parent visitor’s ambitious acquisition strategy besides as its accent on production development.

Powered by AMD’s EPYC processor, Dell’s latest generation of PowerEdge servers is twice as fast every bit the previous generation, with enhanced security and sustainability features.

Mark Zuckerberg has taken a prominent part in arguing for increases in H-1B visas. Meta’s recent layoffs include visa holders, something that may cost tech clout in Washington.

Firm wanted the deal to boost its position in the AWS market place and that appetite is well on the manner to being achieved

Understanding the full impacts of artificial intelligence requires organisations to conduct end-to-terminate social and technical audits of their systems, but the process comes with a number of challenges

A new low-code API direction tool could bring benefits such as increased speed, fewer coding errors and wider accessibility. But it must testify itself in the market.

New whitepaper from industry trade system for leading telecommunications service providers and manufacturers explores foundations of 6G wireless communications in 2030 and beyond

Volumes of malicious cyber activity around the upcoming FIFA Earth Cup are already starting to tick upward and are likely to continue to do then

Vendor shares numbers that underline the positive bear upon of its Lifecycle Advantage program

Information technology contractors who participated in loan-based remuneration schemes and were previously pursued to repay loans issued to them by a visitor chosen Felicitas Solutions are now being chased for payment by a new entity

UK government-backed satellite broadband provider announces distribution partnership with satellite service company in Oman and the Middle East, and appoints connectivity services provider for government and enterprise customers across Africa

Leading Bulgarian teaching establishment collaborates with comms tech provider to deploy plan that builds 5G ICT skills for the hereafter, including 64 hours of training on 5G technology and standards

Launch date confirmed for Hawkeye-one satellite for European Infinite Agency’due south stop-to-end quantum key distribution organization

Inquiry predicts that revenue from port charges, software-defined wide area network and broadband volition grow, while legacy networking’due south contribution to overall market revenue gear up to decrease by 55% by 2026

A fuel poverty data report and alphabetize from the Open Data Institute shows that young adults and people in multi-occupied accommodation are most at run a risk

Optus sets aside A$140m as an exceptional expense for a customer remediation programme following a massive data alienation that afflicted ten million customers

SAP Sustainability Control Tower enables companies of all sizes to gather and manage ESG information. The revamped SaaS model focuses on better ease of utilise and quicker render of value.

Samsung has begun mass production on its latest generation of V-NAND, bringing i terabit per chip to raise density and increase speed.

Calamu and Wasabi have partnered to combine Calamu Protect with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, which is now available.

Zoom introduced a slew of features for its UCaaS platform at Zoomtopia, including postal service and calendar services and an informal virtual meeting place called Spots.

The cypher query linguistic communication got a big heave in the Neo4j v database update, letting users execute more circuitous queries faster than with earlier releases.

New features unveiled at GitHub Universe include private channels for security issues and Copilot for business, which may fall under a cloud of ongoing litigation.

Zendesk incorporates intelligent triage — AI-guided routing of tickets based on sentiment, urgency and complexity — into its customer service platform.

Distributor shows growth and increased deject sales activity as it marks a year since its IPO

Government convenes National Cyber Advisory Board to further its goals of making the U.k. one of the safest places to live and work online

November’s Patch Tuesday fixes significantly fewer vulnerabilities of late, but includes six actively-exploited zero-days, three of them of critical severity

A one-time Fujitsu technology expert who defended the Horizon organisation’s robustness in court was unhappy after being ‘manoeuvred’ into acting as an adept witness, public research hears

Four in five Brits regard planned mid-contract cost increases as unfair and desire their monthly bills to stay the same for the duration of their deals, says Uswitch.com

Leading auto manufacturer and mobile technologies firm announce programme to enter a strategic long-term cooperation, encompassing co-evolution of high-performance computing platforms based on Snapdragon Digital Chassis Solutions for next generation of software-defined vehicles

Sophos has grown its managed detection and response business to more than $100m over the last three years as more organisations grapple with the increasingly complex cyber security mural

2 Substitution Server zero-days discovered in September get security updates this month forth with 4 Windows vulnerabilities that had been actively exploited.

During the opening keynote of the VMware Explore Europe conference, the firm’s CEO shared his observations on how enterprise attitudes to cloud migrations are changing equally It leaders look to pick up the pace of their digital transformation projects

Firms look to eternalize skills, expertise and geographic reach with latest purchases

Australian operator takes on comms tech provider’southward network infrastructure offering to upgrade its existing long-booty network and address growing market demands for bandwidth

Visitor set upward to run Australian national broadband infrastructure hits milestones in 5G mobile during trials, achieving what is said to be an industry-leading speed of 1.75Gbps at a distance of 10km

Aqueduct actor invests in grooming hub to give thousands the chance to gain digital skills

The combined NortonLifeLock and Avast consumer cyber business concern, Gen, says it will serve over 500 one thousand thousand customers worldwide

Six former subpostmasters in Scotland volition have appeals against criminal convictions heard later being referred past Scotland’southward Criminal Cases Review Committee

French motor manufacturer is extending the reach of its long-continuing engineering collaboration with Google by naming the firm as its preferred cloud partner

More information is non always better, says Gartner, which is calling for organisations to focus on metadata and constructed data to reduce their data liability and address privacy challenges

Post-obit what information technology says was a successful trial led by a grouping dedicated to the central element of next-generation mobile networks, TIP 5G releases connectivity blueprint

A round-up of some of the notable personnel moves fabricated beyond the industry in the past week

New Asia Link Cable system will connect Hong Kong and Singapore with the Philippines, Brunei, and Hainan in China

Commvault added a standalone cloud file and object archive service to its Metallic SaaS to help tackle unstructured data growth and the associated costs.

The cloud data vendor released preview updates to its platform to accelerate data queries, better support multi-deject operations and boost developer productivity.

Microsoft’due south Digital Defense Report 2022 pointed the finger at Prc, which enacted a new vulnerability disclosure law final yr, as the source of many cypher-day attacks.

Cautious customer spending is slowing the growth of the broader cloud market place. Only IT service providers continue to pursue One thousand&A for scale and skillsets.

Nozomi Networks CEO Edgard Capdevielle sat downwards with TechTarget Editorial to discuss the development of OT security and the challenge of ‘budget muscle’ many organizations confront.

The tech giant joined previously disparate capabilities in a single platform and unveiled a new hub where customers can view models and dashboards from various vendors.

The startup vendor of open source database engineering raised new coin to help build out a platform that aims to relieve the object-relational impedance mismatch.

On the back of a stinging written report, Motorola begins leave strategy from United kingdom Emergency Services Network, which is revealed to accept acted equally a $147m fixed asset impairment

Tech has e’er been asked to practice more with less. Gartner says that if applied correctly, smart Information technology decisions offer multiple benefits simultaneously

European union’s smart networks and services joint undertaking announces funding for 35 flagship mobile network projects based on 6G engineering science worth €250m

Supplier to internet service providers inks partnership with custom-built telecoms products manufacturer to distribute broadband products to service providers across the U.k.

Climate technology investment has near doubled in the UK over the past year and is growing globally, but questions remain over how to scale chapters and whether the necessary modify will occur in fourth dimension to forbid climate ending

Department entrusted information on 28 million children to a visitor called Trustopia, which turned out to be anything but trustworthy, but has escaped a £10m fine under new rules

The largest telco in the Philippines has moved its on-premise data warehouse to Snowflake to address scalability challenges and improve customer experience

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