Why you need a password manager

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A good password manager ways that you’ll be able to instantly create and store strong, unique passwords for every service and application login you use.

It’ll encourage you lot to protect them backside a strong passphrase that only you know, help ensure that they’re backed up somewhere safe, and make it easy to machine-type or auto-fill them when you lot need them.

If you desire to use the safest passwords possible, it’south fourth dimension to stop auto-saving passwords on your phone or browser, and set up aside the post-it notes or old-schoolhouse password book in your desk drawer. But earlier you lot practise hither are a few things you should look out for when picking a password manager.

Kaspersky Password Manager

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Password manager must-haves

  • Cross-platform, multi-device access – if y’all need them,your passwords should be every bit easy to go at on your phone every bit on your desktop PC
  • Naught-knowledge primary password – you lot should exist the only person who has your password; not the visitor providing password management service
  • Independent – not tied to another subscription or service that you lot may one day no longer demand
  • Easy import/exporting to other managers – yous should be able to stop using the product or service if you need to
  • Secure, unique password generation

Password managing director nice-to-haves

  • Complimentary functionality – even for services with paid tiers, your password manager should remain functional if yous tin can’t pay the bill
  • TOTP (time-based one time password) generator
  • Cull where to host your password database
  • Breach checking
  • Emergency access for a chosen contact
  • Desktop application for easy use outside the browser
  • Support for hardware 2FA such equally YubiKey dongles
  • Car-type for paste- and autofill-resistant scenarios
  • Password auto-saving
  • Browser plugins to enter and save passwords

What’s the best password manager to employ?

Still non sure which to get? Thankfully there are plenty of expert choices. Beneath are a summary of some of the superlative scoring ones we’ve reviewed.


Bitwarden is 1 of the best password management services around, with fully functional free tiers for both private individuals and small organisations of up to two people. Different LastPass, complimentary users don’t accept to cull between desktop browsers or mobile devices, and at that place are no restrictions on how many passwords y’all tin shop for free.

Upgrade to a $10 per year paid subscription, and yous get actress features, including additional 2FA options, emergency contacts, encrypted file storage, health checks to meet if your accounts have been in whatever breaches, Bitwarden Authenticator Time-based Quondam Password (TOTP) support, and the ability to host your own Bitwarden server.

KeePass Countersign Safe

Fully free and open up source, KeePass – and specifically its KDBX encrypted password database standard – is a perfect choice for more than technical users who want to take accuse of their own security and password storage. Unlike nigh every rival, you become to cull where y’all passwords are stored, whether that’south a Google Drive, Dropbox, a USB stick, or your own server.

The official KeePass app is regularly security audited, making it the best implementation for enterprise, but for a more modernistic interface and better cross-platform support, I’m a fan of KeeWeb (Windows, Linux, macOS, web app) and AuthPass (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS), all of of which use the same secure database file standard.

There are plenty of other neat choices – check out our All-time Password Managers listing for more recommendations and reviews.

Kaspersky Password Manager

Your digital activities fabricated unproblematic

Proceed your passwords and documents in a secure individual vault – and access them with one click from all your devices.

  • Kaspersky
  • Yearly renewal
  • £ten.49 per year

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Why not utilize your browser’s password manager?

Despite efforts at comeback, Google Passwords has extremely minimal security features and poor default behaviours. Firefox is a little ameliorate, simply depends on you syncing your entire browser across devices.

Microsoft is well on the fashion to merging genuinely robust password direction into Edge with Microsoft Authenticator for Android and iOS. This looks similar it’ll be a very solid solution in the future, simply it’due south not quite there notwithstanding, specially when it comes to cross-browser and desktop countersign support.

Safari similarly has robust integration with Apple tree’due south iCloud Keychain – do brand sure that you’re using this, rather than storing passwords locally. However, cantankerous-platform back up is severely limited, so it’s not a practiced choice for anyone who’south non totally embedded in the Apple ecosystem.

Right now, in-browser countersign managers still tend to encourage bad habits, similar rarely or never requiring you to re-enter a potent master password or using a potentially weak system password every bit their master countersign, and frequently just piece of work on a limited range of platforms.

How to migrate to a countersign manager

While yous can manually enter all your passwords in your new password manager for a fresh outset, if you’re been saving them in browser, you’re luck – yous can easily export saved passwords from your browser.

Google Passwords settings and export page

Google Android, Chrome and Chromium users can get to https://passwords.google.com/, select the gear icon to open Settings, so then Export Passwords to download them in a evidently text CSV file.

To consign your passwords from Firefox, open the menu (three horizontal lines at the right of the main toolbar), select Passwords, click the … bill of fare, so select Consign Logins…

Edge users should open the … carte du jour, Select Passwords, click the … menu on that folio and and then select Export passwords.

With your password annal in manus, go to your chosen password managing director’south import tools to bulk add them to your collection. Remember to delete your insecure exported file, delete the passwords from your browser or device, and disable its password automobile-relieve feature when you’ve finished.

Check out Kaspersky Countersign Manager – at present merely £10.49 per year

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