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Windows 10 Audio Enhancements Didn’t Load

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The mistake
“Windows has detected that audio enhancements for the following device are causing problems”is known to happen when your operating organisation detects multiple new audio output devices. This behavior occurs mainly because the audio enhancement that was previously set up is incompatible with the new device. This is a well-known bug in those Windows ten builds that don’t have the Fall Creator’south Update.

Typically, the audio enhancements issue is encountered when users attempt to access the
Audio Settings
Control Console
or every time the primary audio device is re-selected. Still, some users have reported getting this error randomly or when adjusting certain sound settings (bass boost, treble boost, etc).

What are Audio Enhancements?

Microsoft and most third-party vendors are shipping audio enhancements packages designed to permit you to get the best possible sound from your hardware. However, depending on your configuration, yous might detect that these audio enhancements are causing diverse audio and sound problems if y’all accept more than i sound output device. In some cases, users have reported that their system does not output any audio while sound enhancements are agile – this typically happens on configurations that utilise a defended sound card.

How to fix Audio Enhancements problem

Users encounter the
audio enhancements
prompt should not exist overly concerned almost it, unless there’s an underlying issue acquired by this error message. Most sound cards (integrated or add-ins) take these so-called “enhancement” features. If your sound card has rich functions and capabilities, it might prompt you to disable the congenital-in Windows audio enhancements so that it tin use the ones provided by the defended sound carte du jour drivers. Test for any unexpected effects by hitting
at the prompt – yous tin can always go back and re-enable sound enhancements from sound settings if anything goes wrong (see
Method four).

Nevertheless, if y’all lose sound whenever the“Windows has detected that sound enhancements for the following device are causing problems”error pops up, clicking
at the prompt will not exist enough.

Annotation: There’s also another variation of this fault message where users are prompted to re-enable sound enhancements instead of disabling them. This typically happens when the user has previously disabled audio enhancements from
Control Console
and and so ended up connecting an audio output device that is configured to use audio enhancements. In this item case, striking
at the prompt will most likely preclude the fault message from actualization once again. In the event that this prompt is re-actualization after hitting

Method iv
to manually re-enable audio attachments.

If you’re currently struggling with the
Sound Enhancement Problem
prompt, there are a few viable fixes that users accept successfully used to remove the fault bulletin. If y’all’re constantly bothered by the message or you notice that is causing underlying problems with your system, follow the methods below to troubleshoot the upshot. Delight kickoff with the start method and work your way downwards until you find a viable solution for your situation.

Method 1: Update to Autumn Creators Update 1709 (Windows x)

This particular issue started getting a lot of attending in the first year later on Windows 10 launched. As information technology turns out, the issue was related to a bug that automatically disabled audio enhancements every 5 minutes or and then, continually prompting the
Audio Enhancement Problem

Fortunately, this particular issues was addressed by Microsoft with the
Fall Creators Update (build 1709)
. Permit’s starting time our troubleshooting quest by making sure this item bug is stock-still. Check if yous accept the
Fall Creators Update
by opening a
Run window (Windows key + R), typing “winver” and hitting

Near Windows, cheque which version yous currently have. If your Windows build is older than
1709, follow through with the steps below in order to utilize the
Autumn Creators Update. If you already have build 1709, skip to
Method 2.

Open a Run window (Windows key + R), type “command update” and hit
to open
Windows Update.
In the
Windows Update
screen, click on
Check for updates
and wait until the updates are downloaded. Yous will exist prompted to restart once the Fall Creators Update is set up to install.

One time the Creators update is applied and your system rebooted, utilize your system normally and meet if the prompts take stopped appearing. If they are withal appearing, move to
Method 2.

Method 2: Update / Reinstall the audio driver

It’s not uncommon for this issue to be acquired by an incompatibility betwixt your audio drivers. This is even more probable if you take multiple sound output devices. When Windows detects multiple new audio output devices, information technology might enable
Audio Enhancements
on a device that is not compatible with this feature. If that’s the example, updating or reinstalling the audio driver should only enable audio enhancements for those devices that are compatible with it. Hither’s a quick guide to doing this:

  1. Press “Windows cardinal + R” to open a Run window. Then, type “devmgmt.msc” and press
    to open
    Device Manager.

  2. In
    Device Manager, scroll down and aggrandize
    Sound, video and game controllers.
    Adjacent, right-click on your audio driver and select
    Update driver (Update driver software).
    Depending on your PC configuration, you lot might find multiple drivers under
    Audio, video and game controllers. If yous have a defended audio carte du jour, right-click on the driver associated with it. If you’re using an onboard sound menu, right-click on the generic audio driver.
  3. Click on
    Search automatically for updated driver software
    and meet whether your sound driver get’south updated. If information technology doesn’t discover a newer version, you can too utilise WU to search past clicking on
    Search for updated drivers on Windows Update.

    If the search manages to identify a newer sound driver version, follow the on-screen prompts to use the update. If non, proceed with the steps below to re-install the audio driver.
  4. Return to
    Audio, video and game controllers
    inDevice Manager,
    right-click on the audio driver and choose
    Uninstall Device.

  5. Once the driver is uninstalled, reboot your calculator to strength Windows into reinstalling the missing sound driver. If the driver doesn’t install automatically (very unlikely), visit this link (here) and download the latest version of the
    High Definition Audio
  6. Install the
    Loftier Definition Audio
    commuter to your arrangement, and encounter whether the issue has been resolved. If yous’re still seeing the aforementioned annoying prompts, motility over to
    Method 3.

Method 3: Using Windows Troubleshooter

If the kickoff two methods didn’t make a difference, let’s see if the built-in Windows troubleshooter manages to identify the problem. To be fair, the built-in troubleshooter doesn’t have the best reputations when it comes to solving common Windows errors, only some users have reported that troubleshooting for
Hardware and Devices
was effective in removing the
Audio Enhancements Trouble error indefinitely. Hither’southward a quick guide to using
Windows Troubleshooter
Hardware and Devices:

  1. Press
    Windows key + R
    to open a Run window. Paste “control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting” in the Run box and hit

    to open
  2. In the
    window, curlicue downward to
    Hardware and Devices
    and striking
    Run the troubleshooter.
  3. Wait until the initial investigation is complete, then select the device that is causing the annoying prompts and hit
    The upshot is very mutual with the generic audio driver, so if you don’t know which device is causing the issue, commencement with
    Realtek Loftier Definition Audio
    and and then echo the steps with the other options.

  4. If the troubleshooter manages to identify a trouble related to
    Audio Enhancements, you lot’ll be prompted to open them. Click on
    Yes, Open Sound Enhancements.

  5. One time y’all’re redirected to the Speakers Properties window, cheque the box adjacent to
    Disable all audio furnishings
    and hit
    This carte du jour might await a fiddling unlike, depending on your audio card commuter. Your screen might bear witness
    Disable Audio enhancements
    instead of
    Disable All Audio effects.
  6. Once enhancements have been disabled, return to the
    Windows Troubleshooter window
    and click on
    Employ this prepare.

  7. Use your PC normally and see whether the issue is however happening. If it does, move down to the final two methods.

Method 4: Manually Enabling / Disabling Sound enhancements

Some users have reported that the enhancements have remained agile (or deactivated, depending on the error message) despite them hitting
on in the
Audio Enhancements Problem

window. As it turns out, there are situations where Windows volition not enable/disable the enhancements if the
button is clicked. Others have reported that the change is just temporary and the modify is reverted when the next
Audio Enhancements Problem
prompt appears.

To solve this particular effect, users must access the
bill of fare manually and apply the change themselves. Hither’south a quick guide to doing this:

  1. Right-click on the audio icon (bottom-right corner) and choose
    Playback Devices.

  2. Right-click on your default playback device and choose
  3. Go to the Enhancements tab and check/uncheck the
    Disable all enhancements
    box and hitting
    to ostend your changes.

    If the mistake prompt is about disabling sound enhancements, make sure the box is checked. Else, make sure the
    Disable all enhancements
    box is unchecked.
  4. Apply your PC commonly and see if the upshot is resolved. If you’re still seeing the prompt, move downwards to the final method.

Method 5: Utilize Windows restore point

If all the methods above accept failed, consider using a
Organisation Restore bespeak
from back when you weren’t bothered by thisSound Enhancements Problemprompt. Go along in mind that this method might not be applicable if the recovery tool doesn’t have a restore point that is one-time enough.

Note: Organisation Restore
is a recovery tool that allows you to reverse certain changes that were made to your operating system. Think of it as an “undo” characteristic for the most important parts of Windows.

Here’due south a quick guide to doing a organization restore to a previous betoken:

  1. Press
    Windows key + R
    to open a Run command. Blazon
    rstruiand striking
    to open up
    System Restore.

  2. Hit
    in the beginning window and then check the box next to
    Show more than restore points
    . Select a restore indicate prior to when y’all first started experiencing theSound Enhancements Problemprompts. Then, click the
    button to advance.
  3. Striking
    Finishthen click
    Yesat the adjacent prompt to start the restore procedure. When the restore is consummate, your PC will automatically restart. One time your OS is restored to a previous version, see whether the effect has been resolved.

If restoring to a previous Organization Restore signal didn’t resolve your issue (or you didn’t take whatever restore points to choose from), the only other potential fix at this indicate is to perform a clean Windows installation.

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