Windows 11: Everything You Need To Know – Updated February, 2022

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Microsoft’s next version of Windows, Windows 11, is fast budgeted, and the company has already put out a ton of item nearly the latest version of its OS. As Windows is ane of the most-used operating systems for personal computers around the globe, there’s a lot of reasons to castor upwards on what’s coming. From new features to security, and fifty-fifty a refreshed design, Windows eleven is poised to be a notable upgrade.

While it won’t look entirely different from Windows 10, it will look different plenty to exist eye catching. And if you’re a Windows user yourself, it’s important to know what to expect. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide. Which details all the notable and important aspects of the operating system changes on the horizon.

If you lot want to larn more almost Windows 11, from price to features to release appointment, bank check out the guide below.

When is Windows 11 releasing?

Windows eleven is releasing in 2022. More specifically, Microsoft has now announced that the Windows eleven software upgrade will begin rolling out on October 5. The update will start with new eligible Windows 10 PCs, and then continue on from there. Microsoft says PCs shipping with Windows 11 volition besides begin hitting the market on the aforementioned day.

And then instead of upgrading, yous could buy a Windows xi PC if yous wanted to. The update is also not hit all devices at the same time. Instead, Microsoft is treatment this equally a phased and measured rollout. Though it does expect all eligible PCs to receive the update past mid-2022.

Update: October v, 2022

As of October 4, Microsoft released Windows xi one day earlier than planned. Some users have already received the upgrade to the new software, while others will be getting access to it as part of a phased rollout,  standing into 2022. Consumers should also start seeing laptops and prebuilt PCs with Windows 11 pre-installed hitting the marketplace.

For instance, Razer just announced the new Razer Book and Razer Bract xv Advanced now come with Windows 11 out of the box.

How much will the Windows 11 upgrade price?

For everyone, the upgrade will be free. That is if you’re upgrading from Windows x. If yous’re on an older version of Windows, and so you lot may have to buy Windows 10 to go the free upgrade to Windows 11.

If you’re already on Windows 10, and then the upgrade won’t cost y’all anything, and your PC will need to meet the requirements for the software. Microsoft has a PC Health Check app that y’all tin can apply to see if your machine is uniform. So you’ll want to practice that before the software comes out down the route.

Having said that, the PC Health Bank check app is not currently available to download. Equally Microsoft pulled it offline a picayune bit earlier this twelvemonth. The company will however be putting information technology back up onetime before Windows 11 launches this Fall. And then you should yet accept enough of time to use it and meet if your PC meets the requirements, before the software arrives.

What are the biggest features and changes in Windows 11?

Windows 11 promises to bring more than a few new features and changes to the table. But not all of them are going to matter to anybody. And heck, some of them people likely won’t even notice unless they’re told that they’re at that place. Hither are some of the biggest changes that you tin can wait with the upgrade when Microsoft releases it.

A refreshed look

The first affair you’ll find is of course the design changes. Since the visual component is literally the start thing you’ll run across when yous boot up the OS for the first time. Microsoft didn’t drastically change the design this fourth dimension effectually. In fact a lot of things still look similar enough that you might recollect there weren’t whatever changes at all.

But there definitely are. Even if they’re more subtle. For starters, the corners of windows will now accept rounded edges. Some windows and the chore bar will also at present take more of a frosted drinking glass expect. Similar to the Aero design from Windows Vista. So you lot’ll be able to see through them slightly. It won’t necessarily wait like this for every single window you have opened though. And it may depend on the theme you lot choose.

The new blueprint also includes a new home for the first menu. The Start button will now live in the center of the chore bar (which Microsoft is now calling the Dock) and the menu will popular up just above it. This new centralized location is meant to deliver ease of utilise.

New, more dynamic themes

Themes are nothing new simply the themes in Windows 11 volition be more dynamic and they appear to have more of an impact on the style and overall await of your own personal Windows experience. Some of these themes will apply the Aero look mentioned above. And in addition to each one having a specific color associated with information technology, there will be themes for both light and dark modes.

Android apps on PC

Windows 11 Android Apps

This is definitely one of the biggest changes with Windows 11, though really only if you’re an Android user. Microsoft has confirmed that Android apps (some of them) volition work on Windows 11 devices. So you’ll be able to launch Android apps on your PC and employ them natively without the need for whatever boosted software. Such as Bluestacks.

However at that place is one large caveat to this. Apps can be found in the Microsoft Shop, but downloading them will actually happen via the Amazon App Store. And then the Android apps you lot want to use on your PC will accept to be listed in the Amazon App Shop. If they’re not, so you won’t be able to use them on Windows 11 natively. In which case, a third-party software like Bluestacks would notwithstanding be extremely useful.

Snap Groups

Snap groups is another cool new feature to look forward to. While you lot tin already snap windows in Windows 10, In Windows xi they’re getting fifty-fifty more than usability. This is because Microsoft is making it possible to switch back and forth to dissimilar currently running apps without having to snap them to their location once more.

Yous can move dorsum to your snapped windows from the dock, and they’ll snap dorsum into place as if you never left. So everything more or less happens automatically. For multitaskers, or those that just always have a lot of apps open all the time, this will be a major benefit to productivity and efficiency.

A revamped Microsoft Shop with improved content curation

Windows 11 Microsoft Store

Windows eleven will introduce an improved feel with the Microsoft Store that includes improve curated content. Information technology will also now include improvements to managing purchased content like movies and TV shows, games, apps and more.

Microsoft says all apps, books, movies, games, etc. will exist easier to search for considering of the curated stories and collections. Then finding more of what you really want to download volition exist easier than it’southward ever been.

Become fast information through the new personalized ‘Widgets’ Feed

Windows 11 Widgets Feed

Microsoft is introducing a new information feed with Windows 11 called ‘Widgets.’ Which the company is hailing as a personalized feed that brings you more than of the news you care most and less of what you don’t. Widgets will live in the dock and exist accessible from there at all times.

Microsoft also designed it to be non-obtrusive. So as shortly as you open it it’ll slide to the left or right of the screen so it’s out of the mode. Microsoft says information technology “slides across the screen like a sheet of glass,” which gives it a slick and elegant design. Widgets is also powered past artificial intelligence and the “best-in-class browser performance from Microsoft Border.” And then expect it to go smarter at delivering relevant content to you lot while also performing rather smoothly. You can also add widgets on your own for an even more personalized feel.

Connect much more quickly with the new Chat characteristic

Windows 11 Chat

Microsoft has integrated a new ‘Chat’ feature right into the dock so people tin more rapidly access all of their most important connections. This volition let you access text, chat, video calls, and voice calls with all of your personal contacts. And it’south more or less platform agnostic.

Then if yous’re on Windows 11 and they’re on Android, iOS, or Windows, it won’t matter as yous’ll withal be able to contact them.

Will Windows eleven be good for gaming?

Windows 11 Gaming

Naturally. In fact, Microsoft is confident that Windows 11 will deliver the best PC gaming experience to date. Though how that actually works in existent-world scenarios with everyday users remains to be seen. On paper, things seem pretty impressive. And as someone who plays a lot of games on PC, that sounds all too enticing.

According to Microsoft, the PC gaming experience on Windows xi will include awesome features like Direct 10 12 Ultimate. Which is supposed to raise gaming with things similar back up for super high frame rate. While too delivering visuals that are amazing and immersive.

Microsoft is too touting faster load times thanks to DirectStorage. So you can spend less time waiting for your games to boot up and more than time really playing and enjoying them. Of grade there’s also the newly revamped Xbox Game Pass app. Which has a more streamlined design and user interface navigation system and so all of your favorite games are at your fingertips. And new ones that are waiting to exist discovered are never more than a click or ii away.

The new app will likewise have ameliorate game management. Then yous can purchase games correct from this app. And also easily remove titles you lot no longer want to play from your library and uninstall them with ease if you lot demand to open up up some space. While you have to currently download the Xbox app on Windows 10, Windows 11 volition have information technology baked in. So if it’southward non already on your PC now, information technology volition exist once you upgrade.

Improved experience for touch and multiple methods for input

Microsoft has made some big improvements to touch support in Windows 11. Making it even easier to navigate the UI. Non to mention all of the apps or tools y’all might use on a daily basis.

Input methods have been improved as well. Assuasive you to input anything you want typed up by actually typing. Or by using vocalisation, or touch inputs with new keyboard themes and touch typing actions, similar swipe typing.

In regards to the touch feel, it will now exist easier to drag and expand or drag and shrink your windows while using touch on input. There are even multi-finger gestures for swiping abroad apps and opening Task View.

What are the minimum specs required for Windows xi?

Chances are, if you lot’re on a device that’s already running on Windows 10, it’ll be uniform with Windows eleven. That being said, Microsoft does accept a list of minimum specs that are going to be required. Which should be no surprise to anyone that’s already a Windows user, or a user of any computing platform for that matter.

For Windows 11 to piece of work on your machine, it will need to meet the minimum required specs listed below.

  • Processor: 1GHz or faster with a minimum of 2 cores. Must as well exist a compatible 64-scrap processor or SoC, every bit 32-bit processors will not be supported
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB
  • System Firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module 2.0
  • Graphics Card: Directly X 12 or later with a WDDM ii.0 driver
  • Display: 720p, 8-chip per color channel, and a minimum of ix-inches diagonal
  • Internet Connexion/Microsoft Account: You will demand to be connected to the internet and have a Microsoft account for the initial setup. This ways the commencement time y’all boot your PC upwards after the upgrade, brand sure it’s connected to the internet and sign into your Microsoft account to finalize setting up your Windows 11 PC feel. You won’t demand an agile internet connectedness for hereafter use, unless you lot want to employ apps or tools that require the net to office.

Where will Windows 11 be bachelor?

Windows 11 Everything You Need To Know

Windows 11 should be available anywhere that Windows x is currently available. Regardless of region, if you’re already running a PC where Windows 10 is installed, then information technology should take an upgrade to Windows 11 at some point. Go on in listen that Windows 11 is just supposed tocommencementbeing rolled out to users this holiday. Ringlet outs volition continue into 2022. So some users may not get to upgrade until next yr.

Microsoft doesn’t really give a articulate caption of how this will all work. And then some regions may go the upgrade afterwards than others.

There will be a single annual major update

Microsoft is cutting downwards the amount of major updates information technology pushes out to users each year. Starting with Windows eleven, there will now be a single annual major update that rolls out. Equally opposed to two similar Microsoft is currently pushing.

This should aid the company maintain a more stable release each yr for users. At least that’due south likely what Microsoft is hoping. And it should work, every bit the development squad should have more than time to focus on the one major update.

Is there a Windows 11 Insider program?

Every bit mentioned above, yous tin attempt Windows xi out for yourself past downloading the Insider Preview build. Though once again, it isn’t recommended unless you have a secondary Windows 10 PC to install it on. As you lot shouldn’t be installing it on your primary PC only in case at that place are issues that impact your usage.

So in short, yes. In that location is an Insider Plan for Windows 11 and you can participate in information technology if y’all like. Y’all will need to register to become a Windows Insider, which is the only way to currently test Windows xi.


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