Winners and Losers: Amazon halts Visa ban as BT bills shoot up

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It’southward finally the weekend, which means it’s time for us to crown our winners and losers for the final week.

We’re offset to settle into 2022, only that doesn’t mean there’s been whatever shortage of news this week. For starters, Samsung finally appear the Exynos 2200 mobile chip with AMD RDNA ii graphics more than a week later the chip was a no-testify at its own launch.

We as well saw rumours pick up for the ‘Pixel Notepad’, the iPhone 14 and the Milky way S22 – along with a potential launch date for the latter as Samsung confirmed that its next Unpacked event would take place in Feb 2022.

Choosing a loser was the hardest decision this week – and not for lack of selection. YouTube announced that it would be giving upwardly on almost all of its original content this calendar week after YouTube Originals failed to achieve the success information technology had hoped for. Meanwhile, Android owners took a striking as Apple tree devalued a scattering of popular phones in its trade-in programme and a recent report revealed that Microsoft had failed to hit its subscription target for Xbox Game Pass.

Ultimately, our loser for this week had to exist BT, while Amazon took the crown for the winner.

Winner: Amazon

Cursory Alexa outage bated, this week was a good one for Amazon or, more than specifically, Amazon customers, equally the company confirmed that it was halting plans to ban Visa credit card payments in the Great britain.

Last November, Amazon warns users that it would no longer exist accepting Visa payments on its website from January 19 2022.

“ will continue accepting Visa debit cards, and whatsoever Visa credit bill of fare issued exterior of the U.k.. But Visa credit cards issued in the U.k. volition no longer be accepted”, announced the retailer in a tweet at the time.

The decision was made due to an ongoing feud between Amazon and Visa over the cost of Visa’s processing fees.

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Thankfully, the 2 companies appear to be working together to resolve the issue, as Amazon has put its ultimatum on break for the fourth dimension being.

“The expected change regarding the apply of Visa credit cards on will no longer take place on 19 January. We are working closely with Visa on a potential solution that will enable customers to continue using their Visa credit cards on”, said Amazon in email addressed to customers.

Amazon also promised to give customers advance notice if whatever more changes were to exist fabricated, and then we’ll have to wait and see whether the retailer is able to come up to a solution with Visa.

In the meantime, this news should be a big relief for Visa cardholders.


Loser: BT

Moving away from Amazon’s positive news, this week’s loser had something a little less kind to tell UK customers. We’re, of course, talking nigh BT, who this week announced a nine.iii% increase in the cost of bills.

The company says the rise in data usage by customers over recent years is to blame for the rising fees, forth with the switch to 100% renewable free energy, explaining that the extra money volition be used to help the networks keep upwards with demand.

Even so, the news couldn’t come at a worse time as many households are however reeling from the effects of the pandemic and the cost of living in the country expected to shoot up in 2022.

“Customers rely on our connectivity more than ever for things like working from home, education online and the growth in Television streaming”, said BT’s managing manager for consumer customer services, Nick Lane.

“Dissimilar near things we buy, like nutrient, electricity or fuel, yous don’t pay more for using more than as our data plans are unlimited, but nosotros need to keep investing in our networks and then they tin handle this huge increase in demand”.

Fourth dimension will tell whether BT volition lose customers over this conclusion.


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