Winners and Losers: Apple adds Digital Legacy, Steam Deck delayed

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The weekend is here, which means its fourth dimension for another Winners and Losers to highlight the best (and the worst) in tech from the last week.

This week saw 5G Chromebooks confirmed for 2022, Netflix Games launch on the iPhone and iPad and the news that Android 12 is prepare to proceed the Galaxy S21. We likewise saw some big upgrades in the streaming world, with Disney Plus bringing the IMAX Expanded Attribute Ratio format to Marvel movies and Netflix rolling out a more efficient video codec on its TV apps.

That’s before mentioning the huge influx of Black Friday deals nosotros saw as Amazon, Very, Currys and other major retailers began to ramp upwards their offers ahead of the terminal weekend of November.

But none of the above quite made the cut for our winner and loser. Read on to discover our picks this week.

Winner: Apple

This calendar week’south winner is Apple tree. The iPhone xiii maker announced a number of updates coming to the phone’s operating system with iOS xv.2, including the rollout of Digital Legacy.

Digital Legacy is Apple tree’s way of ensuring your photos, videos and documents are preserved in the issue of your decease, making this one of our more than morbid winners thus far. The iOS beta update volition let you lot to nominate a “Legacy Contact” who’ll be able to access your iCloud information after you lot laissez passer without needing the password to your account.

They volition, however, have to provide an access key and a copy of your death certificate to get into your iCloud account, so you lot shouldn’t demand to worry most others getting their easily on your information without your permission (dead or alive).

The feature as well restricts some information, such every bit your iCloud Keychain, then your Legacy Contact won’t be able to see credit card details or passwords to accounts y’all oasis’t left them yourself.

The feature was originally appear at WWDC 2022 this summertime, but was left out of earlier versions of iOS until at present.

While Apple obviously isn’t the first company to offering a legacy characteristic to brand it easier for your loved ones to access photos and important documents after you pass, rolling out the feature on Apple IDs is sure to exist helpful for families looking to recover memories when you’re gone.

Steam Deck

Loser: Gamers

In last week’due south Winners and Losers, we named Nintendo our loser equally reports of another Switch shortage emerged with its sights set on Christmas 2022.

Unfortunately, its more than bad news for gamers this week and, once once again, the silicon shortage is to blame.

This week saw Valve’due south Steam Deck console delayed until February 2022, a whole two months after its scheduled December release date, putting yet another dent in our Christmas gift buying plans.

“The launch of Steam Deck will be delayed by 2 months”, appear the company through its Steam Store. “We’re sorry about this—nosotros did our best to work around the global supply chain issues, but due to cloth shortages, components aren’t reaching our manufacturing facilities in fourth dimension for usa to meet our initial launch dates”.

The handheld gaming PC sports a similar design to the Switch, with its portable form gene and the power to dock the console. Ironically, it probably would take fabricated a adept culling for people unable to get their hands on Nintendo’due south console this Christmas – especially for those who already have a growing library of PC games.

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In another blow to gamers, Bloomberg reported that Sony has also run into supply issues among the pandemic and the ongoing fleck shortage.

Co-ordinate to the report, the company has reduced its production forecast for the year of April 2022 to March 2022 from 16 meg PS5 consoles to 15 million, leaving things looking not so peachy for anyone hoping to get a PS5 before the year is upwards.

Xbox Series Ten information technology is then?


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