Winners and Losers: Best and worst tech moments of 2022

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OPINION: Another year comes to and end and what improve to wait back and the best (and worst) tech moments of 2022 in the final Winners and Losers cavalcade of the twelvemonth.

Even though 2022 was another year largely relegated to being stuck indoors, that didn’t stop the tech world from dropping some major headlines to catch our attention. From the iPhone thirteen to the impressive Galaxy Z Flip 3, there was no shortage of incredble tech this year (unless you lot factor in the ongoing chip shortage), and that’s simply factoring in the mobile space.

As you lot tin can imagine, it took quite some time and a fair bit of fence to whittle this list downwardly to just six entries, but we feel that these moments best encapsulate what 2022 was all about in the tech space.

Best moments of 2022

Pixel 6

Starting with the more agreeable moments of the year, there were plenty of new phones in 2022 to get excited nearly, particularly with giant leaps forrad in foldable tech, but above all the mainline contenders, 2022 was undoubtedly the year of the Pixel.

Information technology’s taken a long time and many trips back to the drawing board to make Google’s ain-make smartphone feel like a must-have device, but in the Pixel half-dozen, all that hard work finally paid off. Debuting Android 12 and the new ‘Cloth You’ overlay, the Pixel 6 really gave Apple a run for its coin, and that’s earlier you even mention the camera set-upwards on this affair.

Long gone are the 12MP main sensors of old, replaced with a more robust 50MP sensor that works and so much better with Google’s computational processing to produce some of the all-time smartphone shots we’ve ever seen.

MacBook Pro M1 Pro 16-inch display

MacBook Pro’due south return to form

Apple’s MacBook range has already been on an upward streak ever since the company’s M1 chipsets came to market, but this was the year where we finally got to see the true potential of what Apple silicon could exercise in the revised MacBook Pro range.

With the souped upwardly M1 Max bit under the hood, the 2022 MacBook Pro is up to two.9 times faster than the previous iteration, and able to go through a full twenty-four hour period’s worth of work before needing to exist topped up again. All of these features are dandy, just the real stars of the show are the returning ports from MacBooks of sometime.

Creators can now make use of a full SD carte du jour slot as well every bit a fully-blown HDMI output for presentations, finer giving us the risk to wave bye to the dongles out there that have get a neccesity ever since Apple tree first did away with these ports. Simply put, the MacBook is back and it’s better than always.

Apple Self Service Repair 3

Right to repair

In a world that’s increasingly concerned with due east-waste and the environmental impact of upgrading your phone every yr, the correct to repair movement seeks to give users the power to service their own tech without having to go through convoluted channels gear up upwardly past manufacturers. And in 2022, the motility got a real boost.

New laws passed in the U.k. and the European union that enforce certain manufacturers to make spare parts available for their products, and for the repair and replacement process to be hands understood by the full general public.

This doesn’t utilize to all pieces of tech, with the law focusing mostly on white goods, but it didn’t stop other companies from getting in on the activeness early on.

Apple announced a new ‘Self Service Repair‘ programme, wherein customers tin can order the tools they need from Apple to ready their iPhone 12 or 13 themselves. That’s a huge step in the right management and we just hope that more companies continue to follow suit into the New year’s day.

Worst tech moments of 2022

The flake shortage

Undoubtedly the biggest and most enduring piece of tech news this yr was the ongoing chip shortage that afflicted pretty much every market you tin recall of.

Not only has the chip shortage made it nigh-on incommunicable to get your easily on most everything from the Nintendo Switch OLED to the Apple Lookout man Serial 7, but information technology’s as well forced manufacturers to calibration back production and rethink their targets for the nearly future.

Apple tree in detail has been hit difficult by the shortage amongst lower than expected iPhone xiii sales, and it could accept a major touch on on the company’south plans for 2022.

A LG Wing smartphone held in hand, camera opened on one screen and buttons to click picture on the other

The demise of LG phones

Given that LG phones always struggled to cleave out a niche in the same way that Sony phones or even OnePlus handsets take managed to, the writing was on the wall for quite some time but in 2022, the company’s smartphone division finally came to stop.

This isn’t to say that we were happy to see the end of LG handsets, far from it. LG was i of the few companies left that was willing to try out new ideas year on yr, even if some of those ideas didn’t stick the landing. Information technology’s exactly the type of innovation the smartphone industry needed to keep things feeling fresh.

Simply with LG at present gone in the smartphone space, nosotros’re left to wonder if whatsoever other company might take up the mantle and proceed to push the boundaries of smartphone design in 2022.

OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch

Last and sadly least, the OnePlus Spotter could take been so much more – an alternative habiliment to the and then brackish Wearable Bone platform only at a price that seriously undercuts the competiton. Instead we got a smartwatch with no personality and fewer features than cheaper fettle trackers.

The OnePlus Scout is now a cautionary tale for other companies: if y’all plan on releasing a product in a new sector, you better make sure that information technology’south a winning sell considering it is isn’t, you’ll only impairment your brand’southward reputation in the process.

Unless OnePlus plans to have another stab at the wearable market place, I think it’south best if nosotros all left the OnePlus Watch in 2022 where it belongs.

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