Winners and Losers: Hitman targets Game Pass, Exynos 2200 chip is MIA

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Another week in the world of tech has come up and gone, and if y’all need a quick reminder of the biggest headlines then we’ve got you lot covered with Winners and Losers.

Belated happy New Twelvemonth all! With this being the first calendar week back at my desk-bound, I oasis’t had a take chances however to wish you all good tidings but I hope yous had a great time off and without too much deliberation, permit’s go stuck in.

As you’ve probably noticed, the rumour factory has been flight off the handles with information pertaining to the iPhone SE 3 and Apple’southward MR headset to name but a few examples.

For this week’southward top picks notwithstanding, it was the announcement that Agent 47’s latest trilogy would be heading straight to Game Laissez passer that had u.s. cheering over Zoom, while Samsung’south foreign decision to avert the Exynos 2200’s launch completely left us scratching our heads.

Winner: Game Pass

Long time readers of Winners and Losers will know Game Pass has scored the coveted spot of this column several times already, but Microsoft’s gaming service keeps finding ways to nestle its way back in – and that’due south coming from someone who, for the almost part, plays games elsewhere.

This fourth dimension it’southward the annunciation that the entire World of Assassination trilogy (that’s Hitman, Hitman 2 and Hitman iii) volition exist making it’s way to the service, letting gamers bask ane of the all-time stealth series of the last panel generation as part of their ongoing subscription.

If you oasis’t tried the trilogy out for yourself I can’t recommend it enough. Around the release of Hitman 3, I steamrolled through all iii titles every bit a means to stave off lockdown boredom and they did non disappoint.

Each level is similar a living, breathing diorama where you lot have gratuitous reign to behave out assassinations in any style yous please, whether that’due south poisoning someone’south dinner to take them out quietly or going in guns blazing – the choice is upwardly to you.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Loser: Samsung

If you’re the type of person who has an acute retention for dates so you may remember that Samsung originally signposted January 11 for the reveal of its new Exynos 2200 chipset. Readers, I’m here to tell you that January 11 came and went without so much as a peep from Samsung or even a statement to explain itself and reschedule. In fact, the original tweet that mentioned the launch has been deleted.

To let the engagement sideslip by is bad enough, these chips after all are expected to make an advent in the long-rumoured Galaxy S22, but the Exynos 2200 had a standout characteristic in that it was to be the start product to emerge from Samsung’s collaboration with graphics behemothic, AMD.

With RDNA 2 engineering, the Exynos 2200 is expected to exist powerful enough to showcase ray tracing on a mobile device, which is the same groundbreaking graphical prowess that you tin find on next-gen consoles.

Given Apple tree and Google have made huge waves about their M1 and Tensor fries respectively, this would take been the perfect opportunity for Samsung to evidence how it intends to fight off the competition. Instead information technology’due south become a rather embarrassing affair that you wouldn’t look from one of the globe’s leading tech manufacturers.


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