Winners and Losers: Samsung foldable flourish and a shocking Alexa error

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It’s been a quiet last week in 2022, but we’ve seen plenty of stormers and own goals over the festive flavor. Hither are this week’s winners and losers

It’southward the calm earlier the storm, with CES 2022 on the horizon side by side calendar week. All indications are that information technology’south going ahead despite the spate of withdrawals. The latest of which are OnePlus and AMD, who pulled out before this week.

Elsewhere, we’ve seen the Xiaomi 12 series launch and confirmation that Moto plans to accept another cleft at foldable phones. Meanwhile, at that place are rumours a future Apple Watch could ditch the signature Digital Crown that controls the interface.

However, two companies stood out as the best and the worst of this last week of a tumultuous 2022. Happy 2022, everyone!

Winner: Samsung’s foldable phones

It looks equally if Samsung’due south faith in the foldable grade cistron is beginning to pay off. The company has appear the Milky way Z Fold 3 and Milky way Z Flip three releases have resulted in a iv-fold (pun intended) increment compared with last year.

“Samsung has shipped iv times more foldable devices in 2022 than in 2022, exceeding the three-fold market growth that analysts expected,” the visitor said in a blog mail.

Samsung also says the range is bringing people over from the iPhone in greater numbers than many of its conventional flagship phones. The company says that “compared to the Galaxy Note 20, Samsung has seen a 150 percentage increment in consumers who switched smartphone brands for the Galaxy Z Flip iii.”

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That, to me, sounds similar a pretty solid argument for Apple tree to launch a foldable iPhone in the adjacent few years. In the early smartphone years, advancements from Samsung brought many an iPhone user across the divide, just it seems in that location’s been less motion on that front in recent years.

I’ve personally doubted whether the foldable sector had legs, particularly after the teething problems the original Galaxy Fold had. And so, I’m happy Samsung is starting to brand me eat my words. More variety in class factors has been largely absent-minded for a decade, and then any fresh takes are welcome.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (4th Generation) timer and alarm set

Loser: Amazon Alexa

Earlier this calendar month nosotros reported that Amazon is struggling to keep people engaged with their new Alexa-powered speakers, after the initial novelty of vocalization control had worn off.

Reports that the personable phonation assistant suggested 1 of those idiotic death-inducing internet challenges to a 10-yr-old girl probably isn’t going to help matters, either.

The mother of the little girl tweeted: “OMFG My 10 twelvemonth quondam merely asked Alexa on our Echo for a claiming and this is what she said,” when attaching the screenshot from the Alexa app.

Alexa told her: “Here’s something I found on the spider web. According to The claiming is simple: plug in a phone charger about halfway into a wall outlet, then touch on a penny to the exposed prongs.”

Luckily the ten-yr-erstwhile had the common sense some people on the net lack and didn’t give herself the shock of a lifetime. Sort yourself out, Alexa mate.


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