Wireless Walkie Talkie Price In India


Uninterrupted communication between different teams, departments and the store floor is very important in an integrated process plant. The production line, loading dock and forepart office take to collaborate continuously to resolve issues similar unplanned downtimes, enhance productivity and ensure safety.

Factory floors present a multitude of advice challenges like extremely loud noise of machines, mills, long associates line, poor in premises connectivity issues, etc. making it hard for the staff to remain connected for twenty-four hour period-to-day operations. For such situations, Arya Omnitalk’s multipurpose wireless walkie talkie allows handsfree operation, instant loud & clear communication, broadcast advice, emergency advice to help your team work safely. Whether it’due south a small-scale warehouse or a big manufactory these missions critical, ii way radio are a reliable advice device.

Oil & Refineries

Condom & instant response in case of a crunch or an emergency are the key requirements of an Oil & gas company. The communication device – Two way radio/Walky Talky needs to exist “intrinsically safe” to avoid whatever take chances of fire due to sparking in the highly inflammable ambient that characterizes an oil and gas environment.

Moreover, in case of an accident, anybody needs to exist sent warning letters instantly every bit there is no fourth dimension to punch. Arya Omnitalk offers “intrinsically safe” licensed long range walky talky everywhere in India ensuring instant advice across an unlimited grouping size, beyond the refinery and the length and breadth of the city.


Structure segment demands for high quality & durable communication devices as the staff works in harsh weather weather condition. As Infrastructure projects go along to grow in size & scale, the demand for good and clear lines of communication is very of import.

Design of project cannot answer every question that arises from whether a crane operator needs to interact to a ground staff or a site manager needs to give education to his squad on another flooring or the engineer needs to interact with his supervisor, wireless walkie talkie is the most reliable mode of communication linking numerous tasks and people. These radio devices enable the staff to communicate instantly in extremely noisy & dusty surroundings and harsh climate conditions. These rugged and durable wireless walky talky in Bharat are of military standards and give a long life.

Public Utilities

Management of public utilities like the Fire Department, Solid Waste Management, Repair and Maintenance of the metropolis infrastructure, Octroi Collection, Water Transportation requires very frequent communication, mostly within the municipal corporation staff. With an average call length of 10 seconds and the supervising staff required to have a whorl call of the staff on field duty.

Arya Omnitalk’s wireless walkie talkie are the well-nigh ideal manner to not only communicate efficiently (only dialing on a cell telephone volition take viii-ten seconds) just too take advantage of “unlimited talk limited toll” and Arya Omnitalk’s “management by listening in”. Moreover, our licensed walkie talkie can be divided into several virtually independent sub-systems as if each department owned a separate network, with the flexibility to create common talkgroups beyond departments.

Security Solutions

Arya Omnitalk’s Walky Talky Solution acts every bit a force multiplier helps Guarding organizations to be more productive, effective and competitive. A wide expanse high range walky talky service with the facility of unlimited talk groups helps the concept of Centralized Guarding Control Room to constantly remain connected with their teams which have been deployed across the urban center. Merely such a arrangement allows the command and control of operation where the safety of premises & assets of the organisation, exist it, men, material, money or machinery is of the top most importance.

During an emergency when resources take to be apace mobilized, instant and group advice is the best solution. Arya Omnitalk’s Walky Talky Organisation is a business advice equipment where there is no telescopic of external distractions while on duty leading to a more vigilant team. Manning of entry/leave points and Screening of personnel (visitor, vendor) material motility can be ameliorate coordinated using these portable radio devices.

Malls & Multiplexes Solution

Arya Omnitalk’s unique coverage enhancement & augmentation tools assure connectivity in every nook & corner of big multi-flooring malls with 2-3 parking lot levels below ground. The large security force remains instantly connected past the unique push to talk facility & customers broadcast manner of communication, thus ensuring proper safety, instant response and convenience for both mail inhabitants and customers.

Arya Omnitalk’s wireless Walkie talkie solution helps the mall management overcome challenges of controlling large crowds during festive flavor and weekends, co-ordinating multi-level parking trophy, ensuring uptime of essential utility services like ac, diesel fuel power generators, mall cleanliness, etc. Arya Omnitalk’due south congestion free network offers multiple talkgroups for simultaneous communication, and the city wide communication further allows the senior management or section heads to stay connected and monitor mall management fifty-fifty when abroad from the mall.

Our satisfied customers at Inorbit, Phoenix MarketCity & Amanora City Malls will vouch for us.

Educational Institutes

With a sudden ascension in schools & educational institutes in India, student transportation requirements have increased sharply placing stringent demands on efficient co-ordination.

AryaOmnitalk’s 24×seven citywide long range walky talky not only brings virtually required co-ordination in the motility of men, materials, money or machines but too improves the security environment of large campuses through readiness to warning one & all in case of fire or other mishaps. This enhances damage control abilities too. In addition, the walky talky solution empowers the campus to undertake loftier student participation activities similar inter-school or college events, multiple sports events, etc. within the campus while maintaining all its campus utilities through instant advice & auctioning quick repairs and restoration, if whatsoever.

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