Few games are every bit synonymous with tabletop RPGs as Dungeons & Dragons. Providing players with a notable caste of freedom, D&D is a cooperative social game that is perfect to play with a group.

While tabletop RPGs like D&D are most often designed effectually cooperation with other players, the majority of RPG video games are single-player experiences. Despite this, there are however many great RPGs that offering co-op experiences with several players, prioritizing teamwork. And so today, nosotros’re going to wait at RPGs that may be a great choice for fans of D&D.

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While many developers focus on creating single-thespian RPG experiences, various multiplayer RPGs focus on dissimilar elements of gameplay that may cater to different types of players. RPG beat-em-upward hybrids like Castle Crashers and Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles Of Mystara

can provide accessible action-packed experiences, while the tactical plough-based nature of games similar Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Balder’s Gate 3 possess more gameplay elements reminiscent of a tabletop RPG. If a actor is more interested in more accessible games, games with deep wells of mechanical depth, or games with calorie-free or grim tones, fans of D&D have a broad range of different co-op RPGs that may scratch a like itch to the classic tabletop RPG.


Tiny Tina’southward Assault On Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot

While Borderlands 2 is already quite well known as a first-person shooter RPG hybrid, one of the game’s DLC expansions, Tiny Tina’s Assail on Dragon Go along flavors the game to fit inside the context of a fantastical tabletop RPG akin to D&D, filled to the brim with hilarious writing and a litany of references. In improver to functioning as a sizable fantasy-flavored expansion, including new gameplay additions such as magic that tin be used in place of a character’southward grenades, this DLC’southward story functions quite well as a standalone experience. It functions and then well as a standalone adventure that it was fifty-fifty re-released equally a standalone experience equally “Tiny Tina’s Assail on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot.” This DLC has even inspired a full-fledged game, Tiny Tina’southward Wonderlands, which releases later this twelvemonth.


Moon Hunters

Moon Hunters screenshot

One element of Dungeons & Dragons that resonates with many players is the game’s power to permit players to limited themselves through their characters while making impactful decisions. Moon Hunters is an underrated multiplayer action RPG that has been described as a playable personality test. Every bit players progress through the game, they are able to make various choices, with every choice a player makes altering the mechanics of their grapheme. This not only adds weight to the choices that players brand, but information technology as well allows each character to feel unique and distinct.


Castle Crashers

A red and blue knight fighting a large barbarian

Developed by Behemoth, while Castle Crashers may be a somewhat simplistic RPG trounce-em-upwards hybrid, it tin can easily exist enjoyed by up to four players cooperatively. With an emphasis on accessible but fun gameplay and comedy, the game doesn’t take itself very seriously, evoking a tone reminiscent of casual and light-hearted D&D campaigns. Throughout player’s journeying’s they tin meliorate their character’s various stats, find new weaponry, and unlock additional playable characters. Much of Castle Crasher’s charm comes from its sense of humor and visual manner, making information technology a slap-up option for those looking for an attainable game that tin be enjoyed by players of any skill level.


Elden Ring

Elden Ring Agheel Slam

The most recently released entry on our list, Elden Band is a game developed past FromSoftware, the studio known for games like Night Souls and Bloodborne. Elden Ring is a game that maintains the quality, difficulty, and gameplay mechanics that one would expect from a FromSoftware game, all whilst incorporating these elements within the context of an open-world structure. Paired with the game’due south co-op multiplayer functionality, Elden RIng can provide a gameplay experience reminiscent of a hard and loftier-stakes D&D entrada.


Cat Quest II

cat quest multiplayer gameplay

Cat Quest II is a two-player co-op activeness RPG that offers a elementary all the same effective game design, assuasive players to conform their characters’ functionality, strengths, attacks, and magic based on their equipment. Rather that using a class system, this allows a player to play as a spellcaster by simply equipping the correct weapon and armor. While theygame may non exist the nigh circuitous, information technology rewards teamwork and allows two players to easily option upwards the game and spend time together, which is often what D&D is all about.


Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise - via Steam

Available on the Nintendo Switch and PC every bit of 2022, Monster Hunter Rise is the about contempo entry in Capcom’southward Monster Hunter Franchise. An activity RPG based effectually hunting down enormous monsters, the game’s focus is on teaming upward with friends to hunt downwardly these foes with upwards to four players.

Rather than gaining experience, characters become more than powerful by crafting gear made out of resources obtained from hunting these monsters. Additionally, while the game lacks a form organization, it offers a wide range of weapon types that each fundamentally changes how a player approaches combat.


Children Of Morta

Children of Morta gameplay screenshot

An action RPG with several semi-randomized rogue-like elements that keep things fresh, Children of Morta offers a great co-op experience for two players.

Featuring stunning sprite-piece of work, Children of Morta features diverse playable classes in the form of the game’s playable characters, each of which are members of the aforementioned family, offering a variety of play styles that come with their own strengths and weaknesses.


Dragon’southward Crown

Fighting enemies in Dragon’s Crown

Playable with upwards to four players, Dragon’s Crown is an RPG crush em’ upward hybrid released by Atlus. Allowing players to choose from one of 6 graphic symbol classes, equally characters level up, players can progress through diverse skill copse, expanding a character’s motion set while focusing on specific elements of a given class.

Dragon’s Crown features fast-paced combat that makes boss fights experience comparable to a cooperative fighting game, whilst nonetheless offering exploration and puzzles throughout the game’s duration.


Pit People

Pit people screenshot

Released by The Behemoth, Pit People is a hilarious even so solid tactical RPG that offers corking co-op for multiple players.

Allowing players to access various units with their own strengths and weaknesses, Pit People’southward plough-based combat on a hexagonal board is reminiscent of combat from D&D’s tabletop roots while still offering great variety and charming writing.


Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles Of Mystara

D&D chronicles of Mystara

Dating back to the arcades of the 90s, Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystaria is a collection of Dungeons & Dragons: Belfry of Doom and its sequel, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara.

Each of these games are solid four-actor beat em’ ups in their own right that suit classes, spells, monsters, and items from before editions of D&D, making it a dandy choice of fans of ‘80s and ‘90s D&D, looking for a mannerly nostalgia trip with solid gameplay.


Dragon Quest IX

dragon quest ix party art akira toriyama

Released for the Nintendo DS, Dragon Quest IX is a criminally underrated turn-based JRPG that can be played in its near-entirety cooperatively. Assuasive players to access a wide variety of classes, Dragon Quest IX’s oftentimes lighthearted tone is a perfect fit for those who bask more comedically driven D&D campaigns, while the game still takes itself seriously enough to continue players engaged.

The game’due south co-op functionality is stellar, allowing players to assist each other in combat, while providing each actor with the individual freedom to maneuver the world map and dungeons separately, potentially allowing one histrion to fulfill a side-quest while other players put their focus elsewhere. The well-nigh glaring downside is its lack of a port to a console other than the DS.


Dark Souls

Dark Souls: Running away

One of the most iconic activity RPG franchises of the 2010s, the Dark Souls series is one known for its grim tone and unforgiving difficulty.

Despite being quite daunting for potential newcomers, the series offers a great deal to appreciate, having a deceptively deep well of lore as well as both cooperative and competitive multiplayer compatibility.


Baldur’south Gate 3

balders gate 3 character creation

The most recent entry in the Baldur’south Gate franchise, while Baldur’s Gate 3 is yet in early access, it’south already shaping upwards to be a great co-op RPG. Based directly on D&D’s fifth edition, the game features many of the same classes, races, and spells from the original tabletop game, translating them into a polished modern RPG.

While the game doesn’t have quite equally much freedom as the tabletop game, it features overnice additions such as character backgrounds providing unique dialogue options in the game’s story.


Divinity: Original Sin 2

Title art for Divinity Original Sin with a group of heroes all posing and ready for battle with white mountains in the background

Divinity: Original Sin ii is a vast and fully-realized co-op RPG that features a lot to be appreciated. Offer players a massive degree of freedom when it comes to their characters, players can effectively design their own class through the game’s flexible class and progression systems.

Additionally, well-nigh the entirety of the game can be experienced cooperatively with upward to four players, assuasive a party to course their ain unique combat strategies while still maintaining much of their own individual graphic symbol’southward freedom.

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