Yale Smart Delivery Box Review: Not as good as a dumb delivery box

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Reusing the company’s existing smart lock gives the Yale Smart Delivery Box some features the competition doesn’t have, including multiple PINs for couriers. It’s tough and well-fabricated, also as large enough to take the majority of parcels.

However, if you lot desire remote access and monitoring, you lot have to spend more coin buying the access module. Despite all of this, getting a courier to use the box without intervening proved tough.


  • Remote access
  • Smart security options


  • Difficult to get couriers to employ
  • Can’t unlock for the first delivery
  • Expensive


  • UK
    RRP: £299.99

Key Features

  • Smart features
    Out-of-the-box, the smart lock works locally only, merely you tin can buy optional modules for smartphone control or to integrate the product with SmartThings.


Online shopping has gone crazy, which might be skilful for general convenience merely it just creates an additional headache if yous’re out and miss a delivery. While external delivery boxes accept been available for a long time, the Yale Smart Delivery Box is the commencement smart one that I’ve seen.

With keypad entry on the front and the choice of a module to give you smartphone command, the Yale Smart Commitment Box can be used for both deliveries and collections. Circuitous controls, certainly from a courier’south signal of view, and an inability to leave the box unlocked get in the manner, and I struggled to get parcels put into it.

Design and features

  • Large and heavy safe-style design
  • Uses the Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock
  • Boosted modules give remote command

Rather than coming upward with a completely new blueprint, the Yale Smart Delivery Box is really but a big metal box with a smart door lock on the front. In this case, information technology’s the Yale Keyless Continued Smart Lock, which came out years ago. Open the door and y’all’ll run across a standard Yale night latch on the within, plus the battery compartment for the iv AA batteries.

The box itself is sturdy and well made and information technology’southward big, too: 600 ten 450 10 350mm on the outside, and 500 x 440 10 280mm on the within. That effectively ways that this box is big enough to take most parcels outside of larger home appliances.

Yale Smart Delivery Box inside

Although the Yale Smart Commitment Box weighs a hefty 19.6kg, for additional security information technology should be screwed to the ground or a wall using the provided fittings. To prevent water ingress through the screw holes in the bottom, Yale’south fittings have condom caps.

Yale Smart Delivery Box screw holes

The idea backside the Yale Smart Delivery Box is is that a courier uses a Pin that you lot provide to unlock the door, open the safe and either put in or remove a bundle.

Out of the box, the lock has no connectivity to the outside earth, then PINs have to be programmed in post-obit the slightly complicated instructions. You have 1 master PIN to control the lock, up to 20 boosted PINs and you can generate a unmarried PIN that lives for 24 hours.

The lock is also compatible with Yale’due south RFID fobs and cards – I notice these easier to use to unlock the box, rather than using a PIN or the app.

If yous want to brand this system fully smart, Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock works with various Yale plug-in modules, including a Zigbee ane for SmartThings integration and the new Yale Access Module that makes the lock compatible with the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. This then makes the lock accessible through the same app as for the newer Yale Linus lock.

All modules and bridges toll actress, and you can purchase the Yale Access Module and Span together for an boosted £100.

Via the Yale app, y’all can remotely lock and unlock the door, and you tin can set PINs remotely, also. Y’all can likewise gear up access schedules for PINs, turning off access outside of normal delivery times to prevent someone from coming dorsum and stealing everything left behind.

Yale Smart Delivery Box app PIN

Remote access makes using the Yale Smart Delivery Box easier, especially if yous take a smart doorbell, equally y’all tin can tell the delivery commuter what to practise, and then unlock the door.

Yale Smart Delivery Box app

Plus, yous get notifications when the Yale Smart Commitment Box has been locked or unlocked, and DoorSense, which uses a viscid magnet so that the lock can tell if the door has been left open or not.

Yale Smart Delivery Box DoorSense

With the Yale module, you also get Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant command, although being able to unlock the box with your voice and a voice PIN isn’t that useful in my feel.


  • Can’t get out the safe unlocked
  • Difficult to give instructions to couriers

While the basic idea is good, trying to get couriers to employ the box is the difficult part. With the called smart lock, there’s no ability to get out it in an unlocked position until the door is opened and close in one case.

Instead, you need to give a courier a Pivot to use, have them printing their paw on the keypad, type in the code, striking ‘*’ and then open the door. It’s quite a lot of detail to give on a commitment class. To brand things easier, Yale includes a sticker in the box that y’all can put on the box. However, every bit the box sits on the floor, a courier has to bend right down to read it.

Yale Smart Delivery Box lock

I found that lots of couriers just ignored the delivery instructions I’d provided (or these don’t come conspicuously), so missed packages were often left by the front door or, once, inside a recycling box put on height of the Yale Smart Commitment Box.

If you do opt for the smart module and accept a smart doorbell, then you at least accept the opportunity to tell a courier what to do, and you lot can unlock the delivery box for them. This was the but time that I successfully got a courier to put a parcel in the box. Of course, this only works if you happen to be by your telephone when the doorbell goes.

Another option is to open up the box and leave the door ajar when you know y’all’ve got a delivery, as this makes it easier and doesn’t require a courier to find a PIN. Still, with the door ajar the box is no longer waterproof and this trick merely works if you become a single commitment; subsequent couriers volition observe the box locked and will need to utilize the Pin.

Multiple deliveries are besides a cause of possible business organization: to deliver, a courier has to open the door, which means they get access to whatsoever else is in there.

Standard delivery boxes typically either permit only a single commitment, or they have a secure delivery chute that allows packages to be dropped in but not removed.

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Should you purchase it?

If yous really desire smart access to your delivery box and are certain that y’all’ll be at that place to instruct couriers or open information technology for them, then this has a sure charm.

If it’southward disquisitional that your parcels are stowed securely, and so my feel would suggest that this isn’t the delivery box for you.

Terminal Thoughts

The thought behind the Yale Smart Delivery Box is a good one, giving you more than control over your deliveries. The box itself is well fabricated and feels tough. Using it is a unlike matter. In exercise, information technology proved incredibly hard to get a courier to actually read the instructions and unlock the box.

Upgrading to the smart access module meant that I could unlock the box and monitor it, but this relied on my being able to reply the door remotely and give out instructions. Plus, the smart options add another £100 to the already expensive delivery box.

Ultimately, information technology’s cheaper and easier to buy a standard delivery box with a chute, and unlock it with a key when you get home.

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Does the Yale Smart Delivery Box allow remote control?

Only if you install a module into the smart lock.

Does the Yale Smart Delivery Box accept multiple deliveries?

Yes, but every courier tin access everything inside the box.

Full specs



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Yale Smart Delivery Box



Smart delivery box

450 x 350 x 600 MM

nineteen.6 KG




Yale Smart Delivery Box

Amazon Alexa, Google Banana

Optional smart modules


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