Your Network Settings Prevent Content Iphone

If you lot take upgraded your iPhone or Mac to the latest version, and so you lot might have noticed the error
‘your network preferences prevent content from loading privately’.

In this commodity, nosotros have listed the possible ways to fix this error. Do check the list of possible solutions below:

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Set up: Your Network Preferences Foreclose Content from Loading Privately

Fix 1: Check if the iCloud is Downwards

First of all, y’all need to check the iCloud status by visiting the Apple service page. In case the service condition shows the service folio is downwardly, then you lot need to look till the technical support team of Apple fixes the issue.

Fix two: Cheque for Individual Relay Sync

In instance you lot plough on the Private Relay but if it is not running in the background, then it might be preventing the content from loading privately. To prepare this consequence, you lot need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, go to the ‘Settings’ and navigate to the ‘Information or Wifi’ selection.
  • Now, tap on the ‘i’ symbol and turn on the private relay option.
  • At present, go to the home screen and close the open up mail app.

Following the above steps can solve the ‘network preferences preclude content from loading privately’ consequence.

Fix iii: Turn off the Mail Privacy Protection Feature for the Mail app on iPhone

Turning off the privacy protection is i of the simplest ways to ready the issue on the iPhone. Disabling this feature will remove all the alarm letters on your mail app.

On the flip side, this feature acts as a security tool for your iPhone. Turning off this feature can pose a security threat to your device.

You tin turn off the mail privacy protection feature by following the steps mentioned beneath:

  • Firstly, open the ‘Settings’ option on your iPhone and so navigate to the ‘Mail’ option.
Your Network Preferences Prevent Content from Loading Privately

  • Now, tap on the ‘Privacy Protection’ choice.
  • Disable the ‘Protect Post Activeness’ feature and likewise disable the ‘Block All Remote Content’ pick.
  • At present, close the mail service app and reopen it.

This should solve the content loading issue on your iOS device.

Fix 4: Turn off the VPN

Sometimes using VPN tin bear on your internet speeds. In some cases, the Mail app volition not be able to download the content in the mail service privately.

Y’all tin can fix this result past borer the “load content” selection that displays on top of the post app. By tapping on this option, you will exist able to load the electronic mail contents through your VPN rather than disabling the ‘Mail Privacy Protection’ characteristic.

Set v: Disable the Firewall

Y’all might face the ‘your network preferences prevent content from loading privately’ error when in that location are third-party applications on your iPhone that have similar DNS configuration similar the mail app.

If you have any third-political party applications installed on your iPhone, it is recommended to whitelist the mail service app on the firewall. This should help the content to load privately.

Fix six: Disable Third-Party Antivirus software

Nearly of the time, third-political party antivirus applications can interfere with the performance of the postal service app. Hence, you might face glitches in the image loading on the mail service. To fix this error, you need to either delete the antivirus permanently or you can just whitelist the mail application as mentioned above.

To delete the antivirus application from your Mac device, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Open the launchpad by clicking on the dock or using the three-finger and a thumb gesture.
  • At present, type the name of the antivirus application in the search bar.
  • At present, hold the icon of the antivirus awarding or concur the choice key.
  • You can notice a cross (10) symbol on the correct-hand side. Click on it.
  • Now, you tin delete the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mail service Privacy Protection?

It is a new characteristic introduced past Apple in the iOS 15 version. This feature hides your iPhone’south IP accost from email senders so that your location and browsing action remains anonymous.

How to Ready Network Settings on iPhone?

To fix the network settings, yous tin navigate to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [Device] > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This should assistance you reset the network settings on your iOS device.


These are the most common fixes that can be practical to fix the ‘your network preferences preclude content from loading privately’ on your Mac and iPhone. Do let us know which of the solutions given above worked for you lot.