Youtube Autoplay Keeps Turning On 2022

Many people mutter almost YouTube’due south AutoPlay feature constantly turning on. If this is a problem y’all are struggling with, you will learn why your YouTube autoplay keeps turning on even when you turn it off.

Even better, you lot will discover how to find a solution to this annoying problem.

AutoPlay is a characteristic that allows your computer to start playing videos automatically as soon as they open, without whatsoever user interaction required.

It can be helpful when there are many videos on your reckoner that you want to watch at once, and y’all cannot afford to look for the player to load each i individually.

However, information technology cannot be very articulate when you don’t want to utilise the autoplay feature on YouTube, simply it turns itself on without your permission.

This can be bad, especially if you’re using data and it’s eating into your data by loading more videos on YouTube that you didn’t even desire to watch in the first place.

Many people have reported that they do not like how their YouTube videos outset playing without them clicking on the video first.

This tin can be very annoying, especially when you are trying to sentry a video with your family or friends who are also using YouTube on smartphones or tablets simultaneously.

In this web log postal service, I volition explain why your YouTube autoplay keeps playing videos even when yous plow it off and how yous can quickly and permanently fix this annoying problem by following the simple steps below.

Why Does YouTube Keep Turning on Autoplay?

YouTube autoplay is a beneficial feature. But y’all might not desire to utilize it all the time. However, sometimes you will find that your YouTube autoplay without your knowledge. That could be used for so many reasons.

If you have a video that you have watched for a long time and it notwithstanding appears in the sidebar afterward y’all log out of the site, the enshroud may have built upwards in your browser.

Bank check if in that location is any cached content in Chrome and Firefox. If there is any, then clear it earlier proceeding further with this tutorial.

It’s possible that your computer or laptop broke down or your internet connection was down. In this case, attempt clearing all the enshroud on your browser and see if it helps or not.

Yous can besides attempt restarting your laptop or reckoner to see if it volition help you fix this problem immediately.

If you use an former version of Chrome or Firefox, and then information technology might be causing this problem as well.

You lot tin update these browsers at once by following our guide on how to update Chrome and Firefox or any browser you are using. Nosotros will show you how to update your browser in the next section.

Another reason you may notice YouTube autoplay switching on and off is because you should investigate if YouTube has a server problem.

Moreover, it could be that you accept enabled autoplay unknowingly. Lastly, it could be that there is something wrong with your YouTube account.

These are the most mutual reasons why YouTube autoplay keeps turning on. Keep reading because we volition discuss them in more item and provide solutions for each trouble in the side by side department.

Articulate YouTube Enshroud

If you’re struggling with YouTube autoplay problems, clearing your enshroud might help you out.

The cache is where all of your information is stored when you lot get online. When y’all get to a website, that website has to load its code and data into the cache first before it can be displayed on the screen.

The aforementioned matter happens with YouTube videos—you have to load the JavaScript code that controls how a video plays before y’all tin lookout man it.

If at that place are whatever errors in your computer’s operating arrangement or if it isn’t fast enough, then these errors will cause YouTube autoplay problems with videos because they won’t exist able to load correctly.

Clearing these caches will ensure that any computer issues are fixed and that everything runs smoothly again.

The first affair y’all need to know most clearing your cache is that it doesn’t bear upon the quality of your videos.

Immigration your enshroud won’t change the video quality or anything like that—it’s just a manner of ensuring that YouTube’s system knows what version of whatever item video file is currently on your device.

If multiple versions of a item file are stored on your device, and one is more recent than another, then clearing the older version will ensure that all hereafter updates volition use the newest version.

Beginning, the nearly common reason for this problem is that your estimator has been infected with malware or viruses.

The antivirus program may take detected the infection and removed information technology, but when you clear your enshroud, you’re eliminating any traces of infection from your computer’s difficult bulldoze.

This allows the antivirus program to work correctly and find futurity viruses more easily.

Secondly, clearing your cache volition too gratis up space on your hard bulldoze so that information technology can be used for other things similar storing files or playing games.

If y’all keep lots of videos in the “Downloads” binder, immigration out some of them will gratis upward some space in that folder so you can utilize it for something else, like storing files or playing games.

How to clear YouTube Cache

Launch YouTube and navigate to the “Cookies” section. If you lot are on Chrome or Firefox, you tin can get in that location by clicking the 3 lines in the top correct corner.

Now find all your cookies and delete them. Subsequently that, you lot close and open YouTube over again. Afterwards that, disable autoplay. This should terminate autoplay from enabling itself.

Use a Different Browser

If you’re experiencing this issue with your autoplay feature, it could be the browser you’re using.

There are a few things yous can do to fix this problem.

Showtime, try using a different browser. If you were using Chrome, switch to Firefox or Safari. If that doesn’t piece of work, attempt using an alternate browser similar Microsoft Edge or Opera.

If the autoplay feature is still turned on even after irresolute browsers, consider restarting your device and clearing your cache or cookies.

Update Your Browser

The all-time affair y’all can do if you have the YouTube autoplay keeps turning on a problem is to update your browser.

This is crucial because one of the major reasons you are likely to experience your YouTube autoplay button turning on without your knowledge is when y’all are running on an out-of-date browser.

The nigh common reason your video autoplay is turning on is that you are using an old browser or operating system.

For example, using Internet Explorer 8 or older or Firefox 3 or older will not work correctly with YouTube’s autoplay feature. Make sure you use a modernistic or updated browser version such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

If you do non update your browsers, you will experience compatibility issues.

Another reason why you confront the autoplay problem is because of compatibility issues. Some videos may be incompatible with your figurer or operating organisation due to the different Flash Thespian and Coffee versions.

You lot can speedily cheque whether the video is compatible with your computer by clicking on the “Info” push button in the acme right-mitt corner of the video and looking for “Flash Histrion” and “Java” on their details folio.

If there are problems with either one of these elements, you need to uninstall them from your calculator earlier proceeding further with this guide.

You volition as well experience low performance, which is probable to cause the autoplay problem.

Log Out and Back into Your Account.

Another mutual reason yous are likely to face the YouTube autoplay keeps turning on a problem is that y’all haven’t logged out of your account in ages.

Then the best thing you can practice is to log out of your account and log dorsum into it over again. And logging out of your account is pretty uncomplicated. Follow these elementary steps to log out of your YouTube account.

Just click on your contour icon. After that, click on “sigh out.” And recall to sign out to log out of your YouTube account. Follow the same process to log in to your YouTube account.

Sometimes, even after logging in and out of your YouTube account, y’all will notice that the YouTube autoplay keeps turning on, indicating something is wrong with your YouTube account.

It tin be due to many reasons, like your email address, compromised password, or something blocking it from accessing the website.

This could be the reason for this problem if y’all are using a different email address or password for both accounts. Furthermore, there may be an overall where you are all over the full general.

Wait Till YouTube Gets Rid of This Problem

You might find that you are not the only person struggling with the “YouTube autoplay keeps turning on” issue in some instances.

Information technology tin only hateful ane thing when you find out that other people are going through the same problems every bit you. It is non a problem with your account.

Information technology is a problem with the server. When the YouTube servers go downwards, there is, unfortunately, nothing you tin do to fix the trouble on your terminate.

The best matter for you to do correct now is to concur off doing anything until YouTube addresses the issue.

If the autoplay feature on YouTube is broken due to a server issue, the issue is on YouTube’due south finish, and yous volition need to expect until they solve it before trying to use the service again.

This indicates that the upshot is not due to your deportment. You don’t demand to freak out over anything. Merely give YouTube some fourth dimension and then that they can figure out how to fix the problem.

When the problem has been stock-still, y’all will detect that the autoplay part on YouTube keeps switching between playing and pausing.

Just Turn off Autoplay. Whenever YouTube Turns it on

If you attempt the fixes above, and yous withal experience autoplay turning on every time, then the all-time thing yous can do is to turn off autoplay whenever YouTube turns information technology on.

Although this might be frustrating and time-wasting, it’s the merely way to prevent this from happening again.

You have no choice but to turn off autoplay whenever YouTube turns it on, equally there is no other mode around it.

Information technology won’t be like shooting fish in a barrel at first, but it’ll become easier one time you get used to it. But turn off autoplay whenever YouTube turns it on.

How to plow off autoplay on your mobile device

Turning off autoplay on your phone is pretty unproblematic. You volition come across an terminate screen at the cease of the video yous are watching. It would assistance if you found this watch screen.

You can plough off car-play on summit of the video. In this case, it volition be on, so all you have to do is to toggle off the autoplay button.

How to turn off autoplay on your computer

Turning off autoplay on your PC is the same as on a mobile device. At the end of the video, you will see an terminate screen. It would exist helpful if you could find this spotter screen.

On tiptop of the video, you lot can switch off auto-play. In this scenario, it volition be turned on, and then all you have to practice is turn off the autoplay choice.

How to turn off autoplay on a smart Goggle box or game console

Delight navigate to your Idiot box’due south YouTube app and launch it. At present navigate to your settings and brand sure autoplay is selected.

Now you lot may end the playback by clicking the off push.

How to Turn off Autoplay Google Assistant smart displays

You lot need to run the domicile app right on your phone. Now click on the smart display y’all desire to alter. After that, click on settings.

Head over to notifications and digital well-being and click YouTube settings. You can choose to turn off autoplay for y’all and others.

Use An adblocker

Use adblockers. Adblockers are extensions installed in your browser to block ads and other content that annoys yous.

If you use an adblocker, the autoplay feature won’t work because the media player itself will non be able to load whatsoever of the videos on the folio.

If you don’t employ an adblocker, the autoplay characteristic tin can be turned off by clicking on the “Skip Ad” button. You tin can also install an adblocker extension for Chrome or Firefox.

The first thing to do is make certain you’re using a browser that supports your adblocker. You’ll have to plough off any ad blockers you might use if information technology doesn’t.

You can also check if the video is blocked by checking whether at that place are any ads on the page where the video is playing. If there are, yous should expect for a dissimilar video from the same host.

If y’all’re having trouble with autoplay, try installing an ad blocker. Your browser’s congenital-in defaults are usually sufficient to block ads and trackers, but many others are out there if you need to get more than aggressive.

If you’re on a mobile device, it’south worth noting that nearly advert blockers for iOS don’t work in YouTube’s mobile app (you can still use them on your figurer).

If y’all have one of those devices, I’d recommend using Disconnect or uBlock Origin.

Reopen YouTube on Another Browser

Some other affair y’all tin can exercise if you experience the autoplay keeps turning on the problem is to open YouTube on another browser.

Information technology might not work because your browser is incompatible with the YouTube website. If this is the case, and so you need to update your browser or apply another 1 that is compatible with the YouTube website.

Another affair that could cause this problem is that your browser is outdated, which is why your autoplay button keeps turning off.

And so, what y’all tin can do to fix this problem is to reopen YouTube in some other browser.

Y’all can as well try opening up a different tab in your electric current browser and meet if that works. In that location might be a trouble with your browser, so you need to switch things upwardly.

Your browser might be cleaved, so your autoplay button keeps turning on.

Moreover, it could be that the browser yous are using is outdated, and that’s why your autoplay is misbehaving.

So, the all-time thing yous can do is reopen YouTube in another browser.

Contact Google Back up

If you try the fixes discussed in this article and all the same experience the YouTube autoplay keeps turning on problem, your concluding resort is to contact Google support.

They are best suited to getting to the root of your problem. They volition tell you why your YouTube autoplay keeps turning on. Moreover, they help you lot solve the trouble.


And there y’all have information technology. Now y’all know why your YouTube autoplay keeps turning on. Better still, you know how you can solve the problem.

You lot ofttimes experience this effect considering you have a cache built on your YouTube. If there is a trouble with your browser or your browser is out of date, you will experience this trouble.

Another master reason you are likely to experience this problem is if YouTube is down or there is a problem with YouTube servers.

Moreover, information technology could exist that you enabled it and turned it on autoplay unknowingly. Now you have the best tools to solve this problem in your armory.

You tin do that by clearing your cache, using a different browser, and updating your browser. Another matter you tin can do is to log out and back into your account.

If in that location is a problem, wait until YouTube repairs its servers. Yous besides know how to disable autoplay.

Furthermore, y’all can reopen YouTube on another browser or use an advertising blocker. Lastly, if all else fails, the best thing you can do is to contact Google support.