Youtube Vanced Connect To The Internet

YouTube Vanced has quickly become a favorite app of millions of users effectually the World. And for all the right reasons — In that location are No ads! No premium subscription is required! But lately many users are facing YouTube Vanced Not Working Problem. In this article, we volition talk over all the ways to solve this trouble.

The steps mentioned here are similar for all Android Phones that back up YouTube Vanced.

Please notation that all the screenshots provided here have been taken on a Samsung Phone (Android xi)

YouTube Vanced has been close downwards. If you visit the
Vanced Official Website, you will find that the app is no longer available for download. If yous have already installed the app, it will work for around 2 more years.
However, we accept discovered another website offer YouTube Vanced App.
Y’all can install YouTube Vanced using that. The steps are exactly aforementioned as before.

YouTube Vanced is a popular modded version of the YouTube app to scout videos without whatever ads in between. The reason for its popularity is considering information technology doesn’t charge whatsoever subscription fee unlike YouTube premium for using its features. Apart from that, it also allows Background playing, Machine-Repeat, and Motorcar Side by side features.

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But there are times when you lot run into YouTube Vanced App Not Working problem. And y’all are left irritated and puzzled nigh what to do next to rectify the trouble. That’s why we will hash out the possible causes that may cause YouTube Vanced Not Working problem and also their solutions in this guide.

How to Prepare When YouTube Vanced Force Closes or Crashes

There tin can be various reasons for the appearance of YouTube Vanced error message “YouTube Vanced Keeps Stopping“. The most likely causes are issues-infused cache and data of YouTube Vanced, incompatible app version, or outdated app usage. These causes make YouTube Vanced stop and close suddenly, hence, disrupting the viewing experience.

Follow these methods to gear up YouTube Vanced crashing problem:

one. Articulate YouTube Vanced Cache and Data

Aggregating of bug-infused cache or data tin can crusade YouTube Vanced crashing and strength closing. So, effort to clear YouTube Vanced Cache and information to solve your problem. Here’s how to do it:

1. Get to your telephone’s

2. Choose

iii. Search for
YouTube Vanced
app and click it

YouTube Vanced Force Closes or Crashes

4. Click

Click Storage

v. Now, click
Clear cache
and wait for the processes to complete.

half dozen. And then, do the same with
Clear data

YouTube Vanced App Not Working

two. Install MicroG beforehand and then use YouTube Vanced

If y’all don’t use MicroG with YouTube Vanced, it volition still piece of work. Just chances are that it will crash or force close after sure intervals. MicroG is a Google Play Services replacement freeware that is used to sign in to your Google account for third-political party apps. I volition recommend you lot to install MicroG offset and and then install YouTube Vanced. You can install both apps from Vanced Manager. Visit
to download Vanced Director.

3. Install the latest version of MicroG and YouTube Vanced

To gear up this event, a clean installation of the latest version of MicroG and YouTube Vanced is suggested. So, uninstall both the apps first and then install them back again.

For detailed steps, delight visit our guide on: How to get ad-complimentary YouTube guide and follow the Vanced app installation steps.

4. Ensure you are using a uniform version of MicroG and Vanced with your Telephone

YouTube Vanced can crash if y’all are using MicroG and YouTube Vanced that are not compatible with each other and too with your phone. Hence, make certain both apps are compatible with your smartphone.

How to Set YouTube Vanced No Internet Issue

Have you e’er seen this message, ‘Connect to the Net. You lot’re offline. Cheque your connection.’? But you checked and found out that your cyberspace is working alright. Too when you lot open up the original YouTube app, it’s working. You have tried switching your internet/WiFi connection. But still, y’all are facing Youtube Vanced not working on mobile data/ Youtube Vanced not working on wifi problem.

On giving a closer look, you volition notice Youtube Vanced not loading afterwards login. When you log out from your Google account on YouTube Vanced, it’south working fine. This issue actually appears when your YouTube Vanced version is non compatible with the MicroG version yous have installed. Simply put, you are using an outdated version of MicroG.

Let’s quickly learn the steps to fix Youtube Vanced not working later login:

1. Uninstall both YouTube Vanced and MicroG.

2. At present install the latest version of MicroG and YouTube Vanced using Vanced Manager app. Go it from

Note: Make certain you install MicroG first. And so install YouTube Vanced before opening MicroG.

For detailed steps, please visit our guide on: How to go advertizing-costless YouTube guide and follow the Vanced app installation steps.

3. Sign in to MicroG using your Google account credentials and see if it fixes the problem.

If the trouble is still not fixed, uninstall MicroG only this time.

Search for the latest version of MicroG from the web this time and install it.

Sign in again and this time the problem volition be hopefully fixed.

Alternative method: Remove your existing Google account and Sign-in again

There’due south another way to fix YouTube Vanced Cannot Connect to the Internet problem. This method involves removing your Google Account from MicroG and so again adding it back. Hence, you don’t accept to uninstall MicroG and YouTube Vanced so install them dorsum. Allow’s look at the steps:

1. Head to
Phone Settings

2. Get to

three. Search for
Vanced MicroG
and open it

Search for Vanced MicroG and open it

4. Curl down and tap
In-app notification Settings

Login Issues with the YouTube Vanced

v. Information technology will take you to MicroG Settings.

Remove Google Account

6. Open
YouTube Vanced
again with your Google account credentials.

Login Bug with the YouTube Vanced

Sometimes while trying to log in to your Google account using MicroG, y’all may face Problem Communicating with Google Servers.  Youtube Vanced non working subsequently changing google password is actually quite common nowadays. Youtube Vanced non working afterward password change can be fixed by switching off Google Deject Messaging and deactivating Google Device Registration then signing in to Google business relationship.

Follow these unproblematic steps for Youtube Vanced Sign-in Error Fix:

i. Reinstall both MicroG and YouTube Vanced applications.

For detailed steps, please visit our guide on: How to get advertising-free YouTube guide and follow the Vanced app installation steps.

ii. Now, open
MicroG Settings.

iii. Become to
Google Cloud Messaging.

Youtube Vanced Sign-in Error Fix

three. Slide the toggle switch next to
Receive push notification
to the left to plow it off

Click the toggle switch next to Receive push notification to turn it off 

iv. Adjacent, come up back to the MicroG settings tab and tap
Google Device Registration.

YouTube Vanced Not Working

5. Slide the toggle switch adjacent to
Register device
to the left to turn it off

Slide the toggle switch next to Register device to the left to turn it off 

Now, you can Sign in using your Google account credentials.

How to Set up YouTube Vanced not working in background

YouTube Vanced has Picture-in-Picture display feature and besides Background playing characteristic. Some people are lament that they are facing YouTube Vanced not working in background error. To be honest, I haven’t faced this issue however. And I take researched and institute out that it’s not that mutual. Anyways, to solve this problem, yous can try reinstalling YouTube Vanced app.

Also, make sure that Playback in Settings is set to Always On. Hither’s how to do it:

i. Open
YouTube Vanced

2. Click the
Account icon
on the top correct corner.

fix YouTube Vanced crashing

3. Gyre down and select

YouTube Vanced not working in background

4. Click
Background & Downloads.

Click Background & Downloads

five. Brand sure the
choice is set up it to
Always On.

YouTube Vanced Keeps Stopping

How to Ready Youtube Vanced Dark Theme Not Working

If you lot face this particular issue, endeavour reinstalling it and and then installing it dorsum again to the latest version. If it withal doesn’t solve your trouble, you should consider switching to an older YouTube Vanced nighttime version. Hopefully, it will solve the problem.

For detailed steps, please visit our guide on: How to get advertisement-gratis YouTube guide and follow the Vanced app installation steps.

In Closing

Hope this article is able to solve all the YouTube Vanced Not Working Problem. The problems that arise are mostly due to an improper update or due to bugs and glitches. Besides, if you are using an incompatible version of MicroG, y’all may face this issue. But before y’all try any other solutions mentioned here, make certain your internet connexion is stable and fast. And y’all are non facing similar kinds of issues while browsing or using whatsoever other apps. If you are facing the same problems in all other apps, then your internet is the primary culprit and non YouTube Vanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why YouTube Vanced is not banned?

YouTube Vanced is withal not banned considering it has non done any modifications to YouTube server or website. Information technology’southward working on a legal grey area.

Is YouTube Vanced dead?

No, YouTube Vanced is working great!

How do I get my YouTube Vanced to piece of work?

To fix YouTube Vanced Non Working, install the latest and compatible version of MicroG and YouTube Vanced on your phone.

How do I fix YouTube Vanced non connecting to the Internet?

YouTube Vanced Cannot Connect to the Internet problem tin be solved past reinstalling the latest version of MicroG that is uniform with YouTube Vanced. Reinstalling both to its latest version is recommended though.

Can YouTube ban you for using vanced?

No, YouTube cannot ban y’all for using YouTube Vanced unless you lot practise any illegal activities.

Is YouTube vanced condom?

I haven’t found whatsoever malicious content or virus threats while scanning YouTube Vanced with Antivirus. So, it appears safe.

Does YouTube Vanced need root?

No, YouTube Vanced as well works on non-rooted devices.