Yubico Yubikey 5C NFC Review: Better two-factor authentication

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Defended hardware congenital to generate secure ii-gene hallmark, the Yubico Yubikey 5C NFC works with the vast majority of computers and smartphones. It makes authentication easier than using an app, and the results are more secure, defending you against phishing. For anyone that’s serious about security, this is a great investment.


  • Works with nigh phones and laptops
  • Supports broad-range of apps and services
  • Easy to apply


  • NFC can be fiddly to use


  • Europe
    RRP: €55

Cardinal Features

  • Two-factor security
    This key generates two-gene hallmark codes in a more than a secure and phishing-resistant way to an authenticator app.


Two-factor authentication is an essential add together-on for any online business relationship, requiring a special sometime lawmaking that simply you know in add-on to a password. Generating these 1-time codes tin be a existent pain, which is where the Yubico Yubikey 5C NFC comes in.

This tiny USB-C device tin can plug into a calculator or apply NFC with a smartphone, acting as the two-gene authenticator. It’s more secure than using a code generator, works with practically every service and device, and is well priced.

Pattern and features

  • Tiny bombardment-costless design
  • NFC expands scope
  • Piece of cake to configure

The Yubikey 5C NFC is a tiny USB device, a little bigger than a coin, that you tin can fit onto a keychain or keep in your wallet. It has a USB-C connector on 1 end, NFC built-in. The visitor besides sells dissimilar versions of this device: with standard USB and NFC; with a Lightning connector and USB-C; with USB-C merely; and ii Nano versions that yous exit permanently connected.

Yubico Yubikey 5C NFC size

Given the ubiquity of both NFC and USB-C, I feel that this version is the best overall, giving the widest compatibility with the least amount of hassle.

When the central is plugged in, it lights up green and you tap the metallic disc in the middle with a finger to generate a old code; it does this when y’all tap it on compatible NFC devices, such as the bulk of smartphones.

The idea with the Yubikey 5C NFC is that you lot register the key with the service that you want to apply, such as your Google Account. Next time you lot log in, yous’re prompted to enter your password and so to apply your key, as described above, to verify that information technology’s you logging in.

Yubico Yubikey 5C NFC registering

And so, why carp and what’s incorrect with standard codes generated by apps such as the Google Authenticator or sent via SMS? Well, there are a couple of problems. First, these codes can be phished. That is, someone tin trick you into revealing the code or even intercept it.

With the YubiKey 5C NFC, you lot take to exist physically present, authenticating directly to log into a service. Plus, the U2F standard that a lot of websites use, and the primal supports, is congenital so that a login try is leap to the origin. Then, even if someone somehow tricked you lot into sending them the long code generated by the key, they however wouldn’t be able to use it.

Secondly, if your phone runs out of battery, y’all tin’t generate codes. The Yubikey 5C NFC has no battery, and so works anywhere and everywhere. Plus, information technology’s pocket-sized and tough, so practically very hard to harm. I’ve been carrying YubiKey devices effectually for years and have never had one interruption.

Setting up the key depends on the service that you use, although the steps are generally like. For example, with Google Accounts, you lot have to go into your security settings, enable ii-gene hallmark and then follow the simple registration process to link your key. If you lot’re struggling, then the YubiKey 5 setup guide has steps for all of the common services.

Equally the Yubikey 5C NFC supports the FIDO2/WebAuthn, U2F, Smartcard, OpenPGP and OTP security standards, information technology works with a huge number of accounts and services, including Google, Microsoft, Coinbase, Facebook, LastPass, Nintendo and loads of others.

This version of the central volition work with all mainstream browsers, and it can be used to log you into your macOS devices and, via a free download, your Windows ten or Windows 11 computers.


  • Works chop-chop
  • NFC can exist fiddly to use

I find using the Yubikey 5C NFC actually piece of cake. When I log into a compatible account, I just plug the central in, tap the button when prompted and that’s it. I’ve used it on Windows and macOS systems, using both Safari and Chrome, and the primal is always recognised and works exactly as it should.

With mobile devices, the key can be a little fiddly to utilize, as trying to line it upwardly with the NFC chip in a handset proves hard. To be fair, this isn’t the fault of the YubiKey 5C NFC, more than that phone manufacturers brand it difficult to locate the bit. I typically end up sliding the USB primal around the dorsum of my iPhone a little.

Yubico Yubikey 5C NFC NFC in use

Still, the fundamental does work, and information technology means that I have more secure access to my accounts and I don’t need to mess around with an app.

Latest deals

Should yous buy information technology?

If yous desire to boost your online security,
this is a great manner to do it.

If you’ve got relatively few accounts,
and so a standard authenticator app used carefully will come across your needs.

Final Thoughts

Cybercriminals take shown that they’re more and more intent in breaking into accounts, increasing the complication of attacks, largely through phishing. While 2-gene authentication boosts security, the Yubikey 5C NFC takes protection to the adjacent level. Simple to utilize and compatible with the vast majority of phones and computers, this security central boosts security while making two-factor authentication easier to use. If yous’re serious virtually security, this is a great investment.

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How does NFC work on the Yubikey 5C NFC?

Rather than plugging the security key in, you tin can use NFC to generate a code when the key is held to your telephone.

Can you lot use the Yubikey 5C NFC with multiple accounts?

Yes, you just register the key for each account yous want to employ.

Is the Yubikey 5C NFC rubber to apply?

Yes, it holds no data about your internet accounts, it’due south simply a tool for authentication.

Full specs


Product Description

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Yubico Yubikey 5C NFC


Security key

3 17 45 MM x ten



Yubikey 5C NFC


Jargon buster


An abbreviation for ‘near field advice’. This technology allows devices to share information by coming into close proximity with one some other – the most pop utilize of this system is in contactless payments.


The modern USB connector you’ll find on well-nigh Android phones, new laptops, cameras and games consoles. It’s reversible and used for charging along with information-transfer.

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